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Hey guys im a 14 year old boy from Australia and just joined this forum as i need some professional advice , so i started to play golf at the age of 5 to about 8  then stopped and focused on tee ball and cricket and footy , but now i only play cricket and i love it ! i have started to think about golf a little more and i think it could be a good thing for my cricket , i have callaway junior XJ series but they are abit to small for me now , but they are ok just for now , i have gone down to the driving range and the park to have a hit and was actualy better than i thought so , i was deciding to look into getting some new clubs , there are three options for me.

1) Buy a good set of irons and just build up that way

2) Use my grandads ones which are pro simmons crusader ? thoughts ?

3) buy a new set ??

 What do you guys all think would love for a few responses cheers :)


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I'm about the same age and I played golf wen I was younger also. I got a complete set and used them to make sure that I liked golf and so I could build off of that. I also wanted to have some time to decide what clubs I would get. It has worked out great for me and I recommend doing the same!

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Hey Shae. Would be a good idea for you to start is to look on gumtree for a good second hand set. Heaps on there and you can get them so much cheeper.
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