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Ping Graphite Shafts Breaking?

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Has anyone had problems with Ping graphite shafts breaking?

I was hitting an approach shot with my 9i yesterday and the shaft broke at the hosel.  It was a good clean shot with little to no divot.

This is the second shaft I have had break (the other was my 5i) in the same set.  I know Ping's customer service is second to none so that is not problem.  But I am seriously considering going to steel.  But I do have a torn labrum in my left shoulder and am not sure if the slight extra weight & added impact will make a difference.

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Early this year I bought a Ping G20 driver. On the very first round (17th hole) the shaft broke at the hosel. It was replaced free of charge by Ping.


I have many other Ping drivers and fairway woods and never had a problem.

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My dad had a ping G15 and he hit is drive, then stood back to let his friend hit, and he placed the clubhead on the ground, and it snapped at the hosel. I mean very little pressure at all on the shaft. They sent him a new G20.

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I've had no issues with my G20s, thank goodness, and I've put a good bit of mileage on 'em this year.


I think graphite shafts, being composites, will always be somewhat more prone to breakage than steel, but I won't be basing a graphite vs steel shaft decision on the likelihood of that sort of thing.

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To date this year I have found two drivers separated from their heads on the same golf course. Both were Knock-offs w/ graphite shafts, and they were clean breaks. Finding them kinda of got me worried but I was golfing at the time so I did not take notes...but I recall one was a Titleist Knock-off(counterfit). which I picked up the head and made a pen holder out of it. Within two-weeks of that I bought aTitleist 910  D3 driver with a Fujikura Motore F3 stiff shaft off eBay. After hitting a nice drive..the shaft near the hosel makes a "crackling" sound, like I have upset the fiber to resin ratio. Kind of funky though it only crackles when I really connect. I keep checking it and as long as it's doing the deed, I am not upset. 


I find the Ping Thing unusual...Even when I played Knock-offs I have never had a shaft failure. I have played several sets of Pings and they were great, and as said before their customer service is grade "A"

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I play G25 woods and hybrids, no issues at all. Had G15 before these, again never had a problem with Ping shafts. Good to know about their excellent customer service, though, if you ever do have an issue.
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Funny you should mention breaking.  I was a local Practice Tee, using my G15 7 iron.  They are about 3 years old.  Never an issue.  Took a clean hit and the club head broke at the hosel. I will be taking the shaft and club head to Pings Phoenix facility next week to get their opinion.

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clubs rattling around in golf bag and being ridden around in golf carts can slowly chip away at the clubs next to them- generally at the hosel, especially graphite. We have probably all seen a bag of clubs fall over or worse as a joke off the back of the cart  this usually starts a fracture of dent in the steel shaft. These very same clubs  that are then hit off of the matts at ranges can further weaken them.  Although this is not exclusive to ping, it can happen to any club.


I have seen some players ( not pros) take an incredible steep swing, burying the head way behind the ball in a violent manner, well something has to give.

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I have been playing the G15 with graphite shafts for two years now and broke the 6, 7 and 8 iron.  There has been no abuse and Ping has always replaced the shaft free of charge.  The last time they told me that they will no longer replace them for me and advised me to get re fitted.  It is getting a bit frustrating and I do have to pay shipping.  I asked Ping if they would re shaft with steel and they said yes but it would cost me $37, each.  I think I will get refitted but it won't be with Ping. 

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This morning, I broke the shaft of my Ping G30 Driver. It happened when I pulled it out of my bag. I didn't even had to hit it. 

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

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I had a G15 5i & 8i break at the hosel.

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Ping has had an inherent problem of shafts breaking near hosel for years. The hosel is too short and ferrules too.
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