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Don't know what it is, my swing is not to bad and I am not totally dissatisfied with my game but if I could just figure out how to stop coming over the top my ball flight would improve tremendously, I've took a few lessons have heard plenty of advice from fellow golfers you tubed myself to death, and the funny thing is I know I'm doing it but I cannot seem to stop coming over the top of the ball, I am missing greens by a matter of feet because I cannot straighten out my ball flight, I do not want to give in too oh well it is what it is I'm just not flexible enough to correct this. There has to be away to shake this swing path I'm on any advice would be appreciated.


PS: I don't seem to have this trouble with my driver, it's pretty consistent down the pipe it's the irons that are the challenge.


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Why not just adjust your aim so that the ball lands were you want it? If your playing a 10 handicap, and you are only missing the same side of the green by a few feet, then just aim 5 yards more left. A lot of good players have played golf with a slight pull fade, as long as you can do it over and over again.


But if you want to go from a fade to a draw, post video of your swing on the forum's "My Swing" thread. There are a few things that can cause an over the top move. So throwing out generic tips is like trying to have a blind monkey hit a bulls eye with a dart.

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Yea I could aim different but for me that's the easy way out I'm more about doing things right I'd rather fix the swing, I am pretty familiar with the causes of the over the top my trouble is execution that's the frustrating part, I'll see if I can get a clip posted.

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Well part of doing things right is knowing how to aim. If your ball is ending right of the green, your just wasting strokes. Don't try to fix your swing during a round. If your playing a fade now, working for a draw in the future. Play the fade, which means knowing how to aim for a fade. If your playing for a draw, yet your swing is giving you a fade, you'll just suffer bad rounds of golf. There is no point in trying to fix the golf swing on the course, or play a shot that isn't working.


If I am playing a round, and my swing is giving me a fade on the course, I don't try to force the issue. I just go with it for the day, and if things start to change, I'll adjust. To be stubborn about a shot shape you don't want during a round is just asking for a high score.


Maybe what you think causes an OTP move isn't whats causing it for you? Just saying. There are many things that can cause an OTP move. Some of them are very much a compensation for something else. So you'll never really fix the problem, because it a side effect of another problem.

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