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Keep it stock or get a new shaft?

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First post.


I won an R1 driver last week and it came  with a stiff shaft. I just started playing this year and swing speed is not yet that fast for a stiff shaft, 85-88 mph. I am thinking of selling it so I haven't tried to swing it at a golf ball yet but I am also thinking of using it in the future, the dilemma.


I've heard somewhere that the stock Aldila shaft on the R1 is "soft" so I am thinking it might work for me. Can someone please share your experience with the stock shaft. Will it matter if my ss is that slow for the stock stiff shaft? I tried it 2 months ago but my swing crap at that time and I won't be able to get to a sim until next month, I live in the north.


 I saw this on ebay, http://www.ebay.ca/itm/370913195841?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649. I wonder if that is a good shaft (I can't get any info) or the stock Aldila regular shaft is better? Budget is limited so I can't really go overboard.


Just a little background, I started playing with a Wilson set. Then I got an AMP cell irons and I saw the difference in distance and ball height right away. Played a TM Burner Superfast driver and it seems that I get the same distance as the Wilson driver, 230-240 on a good day but average of 210 I'd say. Now, I just received an AMP cell driver (it was on sale at RBG and just to keep everything the same) and used it today and distance is the same. Maybe I need more lessons more than a driver. Golf course is pretty much close now and weather forecast is not really that great for the next few days so I am guessing today was IT.

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The R1 is a fine driver - not the most forgiving and it has a "heavy" feel. For beginners, I think the XHot is a friendlier, more consistent driver. But for adjustability, the R1 is tough to beat. The stock stiff is a little light to flex, so it may work. The good thing is - if you can find a shaft and adaptor, you can transform the R1 at little cost.


There is an R1 app for explaining how to adjust the club at the range - it's free.


The AMP Cell is a good driver - not the longest or most accurate from reports - but fairly adjustable as to loft and face angle automatically adjusts if you sole the club at address, and then pick it up.


Lessons are a good start - but teachers are so "iffy." You really don't know what you're getting. It's easy to look at a swing and say, "this is an issue, and this, and this." The hard part is the advice at to how to address the issue.


I'd go through the 5SK Videos here - it's a good start. They have good explanations of pitching, chipping, etc. Subscribe to golfevolution and Waite Mayo Golf on youtube and you will pick up some great ideas.

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You don't mention how you "won" the R1, but you might talk to the sponsors and find out where the club came from.  I would think that source might be able to help you out with proper fitting and might even cut you a break on swapping for the right shaft.  At the least, they should be more understanding of what you're up to than some random golf shop would be.  A great driver with the wrong shaft is no longer a great driver, and trying to force your swing speed higher may not work out so well.

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Thanks for the replies.


I won the driver from our local club as a raffle, they can't sell it anymore as it is getting late in the season for us so they had the raffle together with other clubs which roughly totals to $700 Canadian. 

I have read somewhere that the Fuji Fuel shaft on the amp cell driver is a little soft to some people so better get the next higher shaft so I was just thinking it might be the same as with the R1. Oh well, I have all winter to think about it and hopefully by spring I've developed some more muscles that will help drive the ball further.


I woke up today with some sun so I went out to the golf course but quite windy with gusts here and there. Using the amp cell driver, set at 8.5, I hit all the fairways which amazed me to no end but the irons game wasn't there so the score was still high. 

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