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My course closes 9 holes for a day to aerate, and 9 on the next day to do the other side.  They do an amazing job too.  There is definitely a big difference in how this course aerates compared to the last course I belonged to.   The holes are much smaller in diameter and they use less sand.   The greens still roll pretty well after aeration.  Of all the courses I've played, this course does the best job I have ever seen.


My old home course took big cores out, and dumped what seemed like a dump truck load of sand on each green and spread it around....LOL


This is my old course after aeration.............(this pic is about 2yrs old)

photo IMG00007-20111013-1544.jpg

Our greens have just been aerated at my new course....I might take a pic later today to show the difference.  Hey, this could be a thread topic....post a pic of your aerated greens!  LOL.....then we can all see the difference between which course does a good or bad job.

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amount of sand and size of the holes depends on what they are trying to do. that pic doesnt look that bad to mr

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Our course is over 100 years old, so it requires a lot of attention. It would be great to be able to dig up all the old greens and build them to USGA standards, but it isn't an option (read: not enough money). We're in the Philly area and we aerate every year in late April-early May and again right before Labor Day. The spring aeration is usually smaller holes and fertilization, with very little or no sand. The later aeration before Labor Day is more aggressive, with big plugging and a lot of sand. It works great and, in fact, our greens have developed a pretty sandy base over the years and are real healthy.


It looks awful when you see them doing this to what looks like a perfectly healthy green...




The best thing we did in recent years was to install drainage in all of our greens. It isn't overly expensive, and you can actually play on the greens right away after they are done. The drainage insures that our greens don't hold too much water and become vulnerable to disease. It has become the way to go for most of the older golf courses, at least in the Northeast.


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i love the toro procore. way better than the ryan greensair I used to use. my current set up is a tractor mounted pro core and a core harvester I did 19 greens cored,cleaned up ,topdressed, dragged,rolled and watered in 10 hours

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Our greens were aerated mon-tue of this week.....today is Saturday.   I took this pic late in the day when imperfections really show when the sun is low........

photo 3rdGreen_zpse1df7f9f.jpg

You can hardly tell!!  The greens are still slightly rough, but it's hard to tell from this angle.  No, this was not my shot of the day!!   Just sayin'....I missed the 7' birdie opportunity. Sheeesh  The one thing I can say about my course.........are green surfaces are awesome pretty much all the time.

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