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I managed to cure my yips

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Hi Folks

This is my first post on this forum. I have suffered from the chipping/pitching and long putt yips for the guts of 22 years. I could play fine around the practice green but would have an uncontrollable flinch prior to impact on the course which was magnified under pressure; all very embarrassing. At the same time I contracted this condition it also affected other sports such as tennis where I could not release the ball properly on my service toss which lead to me quitting after playing at county level. Any one who has this condition knows how frustrating it is when people advise you on the mechanics of your stroke when its clear the problem is neuropsychological. Over the years I literally spent thousands on trying to cure the yips with all sorts of therapy and would even resort to alcohol to calm myself. I am not one to give up and a few months ago started a therapy that enabled me to process and release past traumas that were stuck in my memory bank and causing all my problems. I never thought would say these words but i have 'cured the yips' and improved my overall well being. If anyone is interested in the process let me know; I would love to help fellow sufferers.


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Do tell.  I've got a buddy who kind of does that.

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I have bad putting yips once. Its worse after playing miniature golf. If I go play real golf afterwards I end up putting it 20 feet past the hole cause I'm so ingrained in the concept that might rebound of some imaginary wall back into the cup

Seriously though the yips are worse with chipping than putting for me
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