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Man shoots golfer who hit errant shot thru his home window WOW

Poll Results: Have u ever hit golf ball into house

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 87% of voters (72)
    Have hit a house
  • 3% of voters (3)
    Have broken a window
  • 6% of voters (5)
    Have broken window and hit house
  • 8% of voters (7)
    Never, all my shots hit the fairway
82 Total Votes  
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Title says it all



Have u guys ever come close to hitting house or breaking window?  I have hit numerous houses and broken 1 window. 

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In his defense, this guy was new to golf and was invited to play in the shotgun tournament happening that day.  It was just a little confusion on his part.

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I don't hit all fairways but when I play on courses with houses on them I go out of my way to make sure I don't hit the houses.


I lived on a golf course so I'm probably more sensitive to it than others.


A golf buddy did break a car window once, not only was it humiliating, but pretty expensive too.

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Does this mean I should utilize my ccw on the course from now on? ;)
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I've hit houses, but have never broken a window. I did put a hole in someone's pool screen once. I offered to repair the damage, but he was gracious enough to refuse.
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I did break two of my own windows when I was first learning to play and didn't yet know what a "flyer" was. Since I don't live near a golf course I assume my own windows don't count.


I do think my wife might have shot me if I had broken another one. She didn't see any humor in the second one since it almost hit her sitting on the bed. :roll:


Other than that I've been lucky and only landed in people's yards.

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I believe I've hit a couple of houses.  Those occasions were a long time ago and involved pretty wild slices as I recall.  I don't think anything was broken, more likely the ball bounced off the roof to be honest.  (Yes, that bad...)  I also lived on a golf course through most of my teen years, and saw a lot of houses hit, it goes with living along the "wrong" part of a fairway.  I figure it is only a matter of time before I nail another course side house though, seems inevitable.


The guy with the shotgun was either off his meds, or had lived along the wrong part of the fairway WAY too long.

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I've hit my own house practicing in my yard as a kid. That counts, right?

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Originally Posted by iacas View Post

I've hit my own house practicing in my yard as a kid. That counts, right?

That reminds me I did hit my own house practicing last year. The only one I have hit. Glad my wife did not shoot me.
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I hit a house once at a place outside Philly called Hershey's Mill. I don't think you can play the place and NOT hit a house. Awful. I would never live there, nor do I wish to play there again.

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When I was a kid we used to have a net in out backyard that I hit golf balls into occasionally. One time I popped one up over the net, into the bed of my neighbor's pickup. I got VERY lucky.
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Sure hit a couple roofs but never a window.  Did see someone shank one and break a window.  It was pretty funny.  Guy wrote a check on the spot.

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My car window was broken by an 'errant'  ball. The car was parked in the lot, next to the practice green. Teenagers and bunker shots would account for 99% of the probability of 'who done it'. But no one came forward to fix the problem they caused me. The golf club management  closed their eyes.

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I haven't hit a house but when I played a round with my brother a few weeks ago he sure did.  He tried to hit a 5 wood off the fairway and heeled it into a nearby house.  It wasn't even moving very fast but managed to punch a hole in the siding anyway.  Nobody came out to see what was up but I can't say we hung around very long either...

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Funny that this post came up as ways telling my son this weekend about the one time I hit a house. Was on a course outside of Phila called PineCrest (a golf/residential development) where, as I recall, the homes literally lined the fairways. I had only been playing for about a year or two wnd joined a few buddies for a round. I'm sure all I thought of every time I stepped to the tee was putting one in someone's kitchen. Sure enough, I shanked one off the tee and drilled a townhouse - fortunately got all siding and no glass. Was a Tuesday morning about 10am - figured I might be safe from embarrassment as the homeowner was probably at work. No such luck - happened to be his birthday and he was off. Was a good sport about it when I went to apologize and make sure there was no damage - said he'd be a real schmuck if he got pissed whenever someone hit his house given that he chose to live on a golf course. Never played there again by the way...

In high school and college I worked at a conference center/golf club (Eagle Lodge for all the Philly locals here) and there were always a few broken car windows a month - 90% of them from errant driving range shots. What amazed me was how so very few people would ever fess up or take accountability - the number of "mystery shots" was amazing.
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Obviously the writer of the piece isn't a golfer, maybe more of a tennis player?


"... was doing a drop shot on the 16th hole... "


Had to read to the end to see if anyone was injured. If the guy got hit by a couple of pellets, I assume shooter was using a shotgun. Crazy...

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So far so good for me. I absolutely hate these courses that are lined with houses. Fortunately several of the locals have little to none of that and those are the ones I usually play. When I was brand-spanking new, I did pop up driver into the road about 2.5 seconds after a van drove by the spot. That was my closest brush with disaster.

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I have played that course before and remember that 16th hole it's right after the signature 15th with the island green. From what I do remember is that the houses were really close on both sides on this particular hole. My home course was going to have homes along part of it but it never materialized and just recently the regional parks department just purchased the bordering property so now there will never be homes built.



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