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Man shoots golfer who hit errant shot thru his home window WOW - Page 3

Poll Results: Have u ever hit golf ball into house

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 87% of voters (72)
    Have hit a house
  • 3% of voters (3)
    Have broken a window
  • 6% of voters (5)
    Have broken window and hit house
  • 8% of voters (7)
    Never, all my shots hit the fairway
82 Total Votes  
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I tried to thread a shot between a couple of large tree trunks very close to OB.  It was a par5 and I played an aggressive shot....a full swing with a 2-iorn and my ball ricocheted off one of the trees and into a large 10' tall window  The ball hit really hard, and to this day.....I don't know how that window didn't break.  I'm glad it didn't....maybe the homeowner was smart and chose shatter resistant glass.   The house was still under construction and workers were inside when it happened........several were looking at me and giving me the evil stink-eye as I retrieved my ball.:whistle:

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I voted that I hit a house. What really happened was my shot landed on a concrete patio, then bounced and softly hit the side of a house. No damage was caused, and I apologized to the owner, he was preet cool about it, and tossed my ball back to me.


IMHO, if your new to game, and hit full on slices, ect. I think it best to confine your playing to a public track, where there isn't any homes that could be damaged. I did get hit above my right eye years ago by a moron that sliced his shot on an adjacent fairway, almost knocked me over. The reason I call him a moron is, he just stood there like he did nothing wrong. I asked for his ID in case I had medical issues later, he refused. I called the marshal over, and he ejected him and his buddy from the course..:-D  

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The only house I've ever hit was on the Tanglewood GC in Milton Fl. The same one Bubba, Boo, and Heath Slocum grew up playing. In my defense, it's the tightest course I've ever seen with houses crammed in right next to the driving areas. On a couple of the holes the houses are within fifteen yards of the edge of the fairway.

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No-one is ever saying that it is the homeowner's fault for living next to a fairway and having a golf ball hit their house BUT it's kinda like ....


- living next to an airport and complaining about the airplane noise

- living next to a rail line and complaining about the rail car noise

- living next to a cemetery and about having graves next door

- living next to a church and complaining about the bells

- living next to a school and complaining about too many kids running around


So unless the golf course was developed SUBSEQUENT to you owning the house then it just something you should expect.

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A lot of courses in So. Cal have dwellings way to close to the fairways.

Have hit many a rooftop over the last two years, but luckily have not hit any windows.

Last time I played a course with houses, I hit one onto a roof, then noticed the homeowner was standing in his back yard watching. Apparently someone else before our group had also just hit his house and he was checking for damage.

As I sheepishly came up to him to apologize, he said something to the effect of "You really need to work on your aim".  Broke the ice for what could have been a tense moment.

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Several years ago I played in a best ball tournament at my home course - in the middle of the round our group teed of on a dogleg par 5. Having tried to cut the corner, one ball ended up in a homeowners front yard. When one of our guys stepped in the homeowners front yard to fetch his ball a loud voice rang out from a window "get the hell off my property if you know what's good for you"! We all thought what an ***hole! Needless to say the ball wasn't retrieved. So for the next few weeks thereafter when I came to that particular hole I would give it my best shot to hit that jerks house - and yes I hit it twice that I can recall.
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This was quite the interesting read. I've only hit one house, my brother's (the one I live in). I skulled a chip right into the siding, cracked a hole right in it. This was a couple of years ago, I don't think he's said anything about it yet....

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There's a gap between the spruce trees in my yard that I practice hitting through and it's not uncommon for me to hit one of the trees. Occasionally, the ball will bounce back towards the house and I'll have to play "goalie" to keep the ball from hitting the house. This summer, one bounced over my head directly towards an open upstairs bathroom window. It bounced around behind the window and came to rest on the ledge but somehow didn't break the glass. I had to wait for my wife to leave before popping the screen and retrieving the ball. Changed my shorts while I was up there.

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I have hit a house several times.
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Hit a pulled hook into a garage door or something metallic at my home course. It was pretty loud, but no one came out. So I didn't ask any questions since I didn't have a whole lot of spare change to be paying for expensive repairs. Sorry!
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The golf course insurance should cover it.

So, I was told when I hit a tree and the ball went off course and hit something metallic. Think it was a trash can.
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My finest moment was on the par 3 bordering the road at Sudden Valley GC, Bellingham, WA. I pulled my 8-iron shot onto the road. It is bouncing towards a driveway to a fancy house just as a Jaguar convertible comes up the road. The ball bounces down the driveway, the garage door goes up via remote, ball goes in the garage, Jaguar goes in the garage. The door closes. Bye bye ball; bye bye Jaguar. The three other guys in my foursome just about pooped themselves laughing while I stood there in shock. Loved it even though it was a brand new Titleist.

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I've hit a house before.  I've been lucky to never hear that shattering glass sound after the shot went wide, but I've had a few loud thuds!  I've also put a few shots into busy roads, but I lucked out there too.  There is nothing quite like the uncomfortable, anxious silence that follows a bad shot headed for trouble.


The most impressive wayward shot I've ever seen came when a buddy shanked his approach shot, sent it over a fence, into the road, and hit a moving truck doing 45 mph down the road.  My buddy called it before it crossed the fence.  The driver didn't stop, but it was a very loud impact.  My friend had his checkbook ready in case the guy came back.

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Originally Posted by atxpkrgolf View Post




Title says it all



Have u guys ever come close to hitting house or breaking window?  I have hit numerous houses and broken 1 window. 

As a young man I had a medium-sized backyard. I put some soup cans in the ground, and for the most part, played with wiffle balls, because the holes were to close to the house.  On occasion I would used regular balls which would occasionally hit the house when I was a little to aggressive with my pitch shots. Then one day it happened.  An errant shot went right through the kitchen window.  Mom wasn't happy, and Dad and my backside were even worse.  Enough said.

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ok since i'm not a very good golf player as from now on additional golf equipment requires body armour and a gun, hahahaha. i did hit a house or two, ...or three but luckily no windows broken and nobody got injured.
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I am happy to see that I am not alone. :whistle:

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Hit lots of houses but never broke a window. A few stories from the Blue Course at U of I years ago:


1. Ninth hole. Short par five dogleg around a row of town homes. Hit a bad drive -- miles from green. Slice a high three wood for second shot that is certainly going to hit the houses. Can't find ball. Might have cleared the homes and landed on other side. Get to the green and there is my ball. Must have bounced off the roofs and carried forever. Missed the putt.


2. Same hole. Buddy slices drive and it is going toward the houses. We wait to hear it hit and see a woman walking out of her sliding door as his ball bounces into her house. She was a good sport and saw the humor in literally hitting into a house. She even received his ball for him. He did not play it were it lay.


3. My old home course, short first hole with water right and houses left. Playing alone late in the day. Hit my drive down the middle about 200 yards on the very narrow hole (good for me). Hit my second shot on the green (even better). Feeling pretty good about myself as I'm walking toward the green. Suddenly a lady runs out her home with a ball in her hand and she is very angry. "Hey. Wait." she yells and then she says I hit her home and broke a window. I explain that my ball is on the green. She wants to know who else could have hit her house. Her house is not really in play even as there are many on that course that are in play. And, the broken window sort of looks at the first green instead of the first tee. I explain that I'd need to hit a drive that carried over 300 yards to hit that second story window and even then it would need to curve almost dead left at the end to hit the broken window. And then we see a group on 18 tee, miles from her house, and a guy coming over to claim responsibility. He must have banged a drive 300 yards total and about 175 from the center of his fairway. Worst shot I've ever seen on the tee. You could hit 100 balls from that tee and never reach her yard, much less the second story window. A lake divides the fairways so even reaching the fairway of #1 is a horrid shot.

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Bounced off a patio into the sliding glass patio door - but luckily there was no breakage, and the owner was surprisingly understanding ... it had obviously happened before ...

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