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New Driver?

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So I recently got fitted for new irons and they have been awesome.  At the time, I did not get a driver because I have a 2 year old RBZ driver that is still in perfectly good condition.  I got it as a gift though and was not fitted for it nor have I ever done a driver fitting.  Naturally I've got the bug in my head now that while it's surely the jockey and not the horse maybe a different shaft or better fitting weapon will be a game changer.  I'm sure I'm just trying to justify buying more toys but curious how much people think the fitting process makes a difference in their performance with the Big Dog.

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Does your current RBZ driver work OK? For example, what distances do your Driver, 3W and 4i fly?


Does your driver put the ball in the fairway regularly?

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Works ok; a lot of 225-245 drives and at least once a round pure one that can go 260-275 (gps measured!)  Biggest issue is snap hooking as the "miss" so wondering if shaft weight/club head weight might make a difference in keeping the arms from swinging around ahead of the hips.  

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Getting a properly fitted driver did wonders for me.  Your mileage, obviously, may vary.


The random snap hook might be a club/shaft issue, but I would guess it is more likely a swing fault.  Look for a well fitted driver to improve on things that happen consistently in your "average" shot.  i.e. better distance, changes in a consistent slice/hook, higher/lower flight.  For me, it was fixing a consistent slice and adding ball flight height.

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