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Another Etiquette Question

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Played the other day, me and my fiancee, at a local upscale public course.  We were following a twosome who had just teed off the first hole.  We kind of waited a while for them to play their second shots, didn't think much of it.  2nd hole was slow as well, as they would ride to each other ball, wait for their partner to hit and then ride to the next one.  Most of the time that was not in the fairway, they were spraying it all over the first two holes.


We got to the third tee just as they are walking to their cart.  Neither of them looked back at us, just jump in their cart and go, I saw a group on the third green and figured that no big deal we'd be waiting anyway if they let us play through.  but of course they were slower than the threesome ahead and got over a hole behind.


We ended up waiting on every shot on the front 9, came up on the tee as they were going to their carts on a couple more holes, they wouldn't look at us.  A couple of times I swear the big guy took way too many practice swings, looked back at us and sauntered to his cart to just make us wait longer, daring me to say something.


The threesome quits after 9, figure we'll have clear sailing, nope the twosome still in front of us and makes us wait on every hole.  Now we still finished in just under 4 hours, but that was probably 1/2 hour or more longer than we would've if they let us play through.  Now we play really fast, taught my lady to hit when she is ready, and if there is no one around we can play 18 holes with a cart in three hours or less.


Couldn't figure out why they wouldn't let us play through, think it was because I was playing with a women?  Would anyone have complained to the pro shop or just dealt with it like I did.  


I was playing well and didn't want to cause a scene, the big guy looked irritable?

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I tend to not ask to play through.  If I want to play through I try to finish a hole quickly enough to catch the group ahead, like you two did.  At that point, the group ahead will typically ask us to join them (if our total would make 4 or less) or suggest we play through.  Of course there are players who adamantly refuse to consider allowing anyone to play through or join them.  Some others will only grudgingly do so if asked and it is obvious there is a problem with pace.  Fortunately my experience is those folks are few in number.


In your case, it appears the players ahead of you were not likely to agree to allow you to play through and might have made an issue of it.  I think you did the proper thing and just maintained pace with them.  I can handle a slower round every once in a while.  On occasion I have skipped a hole or two when blocked by disagreeable snails but only if the course is relatively empty.


I think you did the correct thing.

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Luckily it was still under 4 hours and it was a great day outside.

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I don't ask to pass through or jump to another hole  if I see the course is rather full.   Once too often after passing, the snailing group behind you catches up and starts to bump into you.   Of course, when the course is wide open, I'd jump. 


Once a foursome refused to let me pass (I was playing single) and there were no one in front of them.  Yeah, they were being a-holes but most of seasoned golfers are not like that.  

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4 hour round and they sprayed it all over.....that's a good pace in my book. Maybe next time use the time to chat to your girl about current events lol
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Originally Posted by BigTazz53 View Post

4 hour round and they sprayed it all over.....that's a good pace in my book. Maybe next time use the time to chat to your girl about current events lol

Agreed. A good pace of play doesn't mean you don't ever wait to take a shot. It just means you keep up with the group in front and finish in a reasonable amount of time.


To the OP, I think you handled it right. They should have observed etiquette and let you through. They didn't, but you didn't push the issue. Kudos.

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I think you did right.  No need for a scene out on the course to foul up a nice day.  Pity the course didn't have a ranger who might have suggested to the people with open holes in front to let the people pass, but that doesn't always work either.

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  It doesn't matter if the group we are following is pacing a 3 1/2hr round  for 18 holes.  If my group is waiting and the group we are following can't maintain the pace of the groups ahead of them.........I always ask.   I am always very polite and do it tactfully, and never have issues.  That's just me..... I just make sure to be polite and it's no big deal.
The bottom line is they are not keeping up.
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You did the right thing. Not worth ruining a round of golf over.


I had to break up a nasty fight on the 15th green a few weeks ago. Ruined the day (and then some) for all involved in the fight and also caused my wife and I to miss our last 4 1/2 holes.

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Just goes to show that a four hour round is sloooow...
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Most of the people I know will allow faster golfers to "play though" at their earliest convenience, usually a par 3 hole. There is no written rule of golf etiquette, but many courses will post a sign encouraging groups to allow faster players to "play though."




I HATE slow play. Tuesday my friend and I were behind a foursome who wouldn't let us play through. It was especially aggravating, since it took 3 hours to play the front 9, and we waited on every approach shot.  Completely took me out of my game. What ticked me off even more was that one of the guys in the group did not even bother to rake his sand traps. (I know this because I was in the same trap as he was and had to rake the area that he had played.) The back nine someone told them that they were on the clock and they played in 2 hours 15 minutes, but still would not let us play through.  On Monday we played 18 holes in 3 hours 30 minutes.

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I will almost always ask to play through, I too hate slow play, and I can live with it as long as finishing the round isn't on the line. I play so much though I'm almost always playing the cheap late tee and when I know some retards have no chance to finish before dark I become a real *******. I'll often yell, show obvious signs etc and even stupid people figure it out soon enough. Had a real tense play through yesterday with two guys that had no interest in finishing....
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I'd say that nearly 95% of the time, people will let me play through when it makes sense. Usually the exception is someone that is a complete newb and doesn't know any better.

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Originally Posted by mcanadiens View Post

I'd say that nearly 95% of the time, people will let me play through when it makes sense. Usually the exception is someone that is a complete newb and doesn't know any better.

More often than not that is the case where somebody totally unaware and thinking this is just how it is wind up taking some of the fun away from those who are waiting.

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I think you did the correct thing if it wasn't bothering you that much no need to make a fuss. I know a lot of courses in this area, especially this time of year, have rangers (sometimes disguised as customer service) to keep slow groups on pace.   I know of some courses that will ask slow groups to pick up and go to the next tee if they are a hole behind.  I read in the local AGA magazine where one course actually removes slow groups and gives them the green fees back if they can't keep up.  Although the some course are more tolerant than other and you can certainly have to endure a long round on some courses here.  


But I have ask to play through and have had slow groups ask if we wanted to play through.  If if find the pace unbearably slow and the group won't let us play through I break out the cell phone and complain to the pro shop, after the slow group is out of earshot of course, I'm old and not looking for any physical combat.  Sometimes that works and sometimes not.  Then you either have to "jump a hole", leave, or just develop more patience.  

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It's usually not good practice to ask the group in front of you to play through. Many times, this instantly puts people on the defensive.  Since you caught this group leaving several tee boxes, was the hole completely open?  If they were leaving the tee and nobody ELSE was on the hole, they are most certainly behind pace.


If this is the case, locate the phone number of the clubhouse on your scorecard, use your cell phones and make a cal politely asking for a ranger to visit the 2-some and get them moving.


Last fall, my wife and I played one of the areas most upscale public tracks.  Beautiful in all aspects except for the 5.5 hour pace of play.  I made such a call when the bonehead 4-some in front of us was playing BADLY from the tips and putting on the greens like it was Sunday at the US Open and all were in contention.  Finally noticed that the group in front of them was nearly at the next green adjacent to our tee box and they were just reaching the green in front of us, this told me they were an entire hole behind pace.


Call to clubhouse and the ranger was out there in seconds.  After a 10 second one-way conversation, the guys got on their horses and started moving.  The round still took 5.5 hours which means 'last time at this place' for the wife and me.  We play leisurely rounds at 4 hours.  Not fast.  Not slow.  Just a nice pace at 4 hours.  When it gets to 4.5 hours, you start to notice that you are waiting in every fairway and on every par-3 to hit a shot.


Nothing wrong with calling the club house and asking for assistance.  It's better than ruining a round confronting a group in front of you.  Way safer, too!



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You handled it the right way... By what you stated that it seemed as if they wanted you to say something... They may have tried to show off with a Lady in your presence....no need for confrontation when there doesn't need to be!!!!
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I would've asked to play through. If they refused, I would've complained to the pro shop.


Usually slower groups let us through. I have had to ask a few times. I've never had anybody

say no, though a few have been kind of snarky about it.

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