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Gianluca I am with you on the looks of the G20's, I tried them and had a hard time looking down at the club. With that said do your self a favor and go try every club you can if you really do not like your G20's. I play G25's love them but it took me weeks to narrow it down to two the G25 or the JPX line. Once i did i went in for a fitting, the G25 just fit me better and on the monitor they had better numbers.

This is just MHO I would never play a iron that I could at some point grow into  reason being golf is hard enough.

Currently I am hovering around a 16+ HC, the only reason not lower is I am a mental case when it come to par 3's I blow them out on every round. I figure i will look at a more players iron when I get in the low teams if that ever happen?

Again this is me you can do what you want but it is all about consistency and lowering your score  and having fun not make it more difficult.