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Early morning, especially in the summer, get out just after sun rise and beat the heat.  This time of the year, I just want to be ahead of the men's club and the couples that play in the mornings.

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I'm not a morning person and I don't feel very loose in the morning either.  So I prefer the afternoon.  Course is usually less crowded too - especially this time of year with a UGA football game on somewhere.  But in the summer, it is really just to hot to have any fun that time of day.  So mornings for a few months.

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Afternoon.  I work nights, so teeing off at first light isnt for me and I like the afternoon because the course is less crowded and the rates are typically cheaper.

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I like to play in the afternoon, if I can, during the week. I try to play every Thursday in season, teeing off  around 3:00-3:30 PM. There is nothing like being on a golf course on a summer evening with a few good friends in a friendly match.


I would do this every day if I could. Fall up until frost is my favorite.
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7:00AM (sometimes earlier) - So I can get back and start working on all the stuff I usually have to get done.  Dew and dealing with the grounds crew are issues.

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I like to tee off around 6 or 7am and finish around 10 or 11am, have a late breakfast, and then have the rest of the day to do what I need to get done.

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I just won't even try before about 10:30am, I want my coffee and breakfast in the morning.  My favorite time to start is around 1:00pm.  Also like playing nine around 3:00 - 3:30pm.  Not a morning person, and I have no desire to slog around in all the dew.

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 My favorite time to start is around 1:00pm.

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during prime golf season, I am the first on the course most weekends.............


Early tee times are good, but I prefer to be FIRST!!   If I decide to play extra, I can easily play 27holes and be finished and be home before NOON.

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When playing with friends I like the early tee times.  Groups who snatch up early morning tee times usually play with a purpose and the rounds generally go smoother.  Seems like some groups who get out later in the morning are more prone to slower rounds and it only takes 1 or 2 such groups to muck up the course.


When playing by myself I like late afternoon.  Course is usually quiet and I can often play without getting matched up. This doesn't work during the week on league nights but weekends and after the leagues end it is pretty good.

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9am in the fall in fl.
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10:00 am. The senior golfers are usually done and off the course by then.

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Around 12:30 seem to play better when I tee off then a2_wink.gif psychological for me....
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In the Summer not later than an hour after dawn.  In the winter anytime if fine but prefer mornings.

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Whenever there is no one in front or behind me. 

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Early morning 7:30 to 8:00 for me. Not too many groups in front means less chance for slow play, and I get home early to take the kids out. 

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I prefer the afternoons just becuase I'm already loose compare to first thing in the morning where muscles area still tight, old man syndrome.

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Usually early evening.. especially if I'm close to the ocean!

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