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I like playing in the morning.  Get up, have breakfast, take out the dog, and hit the course.  Probably 8:30 is my favorite time.  Can get in breakfast and a little warm up without having to get up at 5:30!  Though I kind of like dawn rounds too.  There's something nice about getting up in the dark and teeing off in the gloaming!


Honestly I play whenever I can though.  If a twilight round is what I can get in, then hell yeah I'll play late.

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First off. My home course starts play at 8:00am. A friend and I play 18 holes in a comfortable 2:15 with  out rushing or waiting and we are home by 10:30 with the rest of the day ahead of us.


My second favorite is finishing at twilight.

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I will go out whenever, really. But I kind of prefer about 9am.

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well that depends on my mood, i am really a morning person so i love to tee off some where around 8 am while my mind is still fresh, but i play whenever i get the chance, i love to get out there with some good old friends and have a little friendly match, losers have to pay dinner.
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that's such an easy answer... tomorrow morning of coarse . always tomorrow if not then, then right now lol I am golfing tomorrow morning fyi...
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First light. Nothing like playing when the sun is coming up and the birds are singing.

Does life get any better?

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2pm in the summer during the oppressive heat. Keeps the masses away and allows me time for 36.

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I'm an afternoon person also because of the reasons you state. It's productive time spent playing and the course looks great when the sun descends.

The only slight negative is that the greens get longer and could get choppy from groups.

Actually, just get me on a golf course any time of the day.
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I live in NE Ohio where we're lucky to see 2 weeks a year where it's warm and dry enough to tee it up before 10am ... EVER!  That said, I do not like playing in the cold with a jacket zipped up to my chin and in wet, early morning conditions.


Perfect Sunday golf day in NE Ohio:  Eat breakfast and surf golfnow.com for a noon - 1pm tee time at a nice track for the wife and me. Tee off around 1pm, play 18 in about 4 hours then find a nice outdoor restaurant for a burger and beer afterwards.


We were fortunate this year to be able to play nearly every Sunday from May through end of September with only one or two rain outs.  Plus, my wife is a pretty good player and much easier on the eyes than the knuckleheads I play with on Thursdays!



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