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Tallest flag stick you have ever seen?

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My brother once came across a flag that had to be almost 20 feet tall.


I would assume this was done because the course deemed it unfair to not see the hole location if you hit into the fairway.


OF course, he took the opportunity for a photo op where he held the flag stick next to his groin and pretended it was a huge schlong.

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I'd be disappointed if he never!!
I played a course called Silloth on solway, it has one hole where the flag must be minimum 20ft long! It was by far the biggest flag pole I've ever come across, couldn't take the obligatory schlong snap though as I was playing with relative strangers so was on best behaviour!
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I played an old course, the flag was 15-18 feet tall, definitely needed two hands to put it back in

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Course I play has a 10-12 foot flag because it's a 170 yard par 3 that is 20 yards up hill. So when the pin is in the back you can not see the pin if it is a normal flag height. 

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I play a course near San Jose named is Cinnabar Hills, and on number 7 of the canyon course there is a huge flag, not sure how high, but it is a par 4 that seems like it is straight up hill..

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My old home course in the 1990s had a hole with a really long flagstick on a par5.  The 3rd shot was steeply uphill...hence the long stick.  Using my keen internet height perception radar......I figure it must have been 37feet tall.  LOL

In reality it was probably 12 feet tall, but the internet and fuzzy memory makes it grow taller!!

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I played on a course 15 or so years ago, that had a green that was over a hill. They had an extremely tall flag stick, at least 15ft maybe even 20ft tall.  If you couldn't see the flag, someone was on the green and you were to wait to see it to play to the green.

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I've seen two flagsticks about 12 feet long.


One was on a Par 5 at il Picciolo, near Mount Etna volcano in Sicily. This hole (No. 6?) plays along a corridor that falls off to the left to another fairway 20 feet below. The landing area for the tee shots is well below the green, with the fairway rising to a flat shelf running up to the green.


My tee shot ended up in the short rough, and hit an iron to lay up to fairway. Next, I hit 7-iron approach into the green, a solid all-ball shot with nice follow-through that rose like a good iron shot is supposed to. But, it ended up 10 feet short of the green! The tall mountain flagstick was about 12 feet long, so I had through I was closer than I really was.



The second was at Kicking Bird, a public course in Edmond, OK. It was an early par 4 on the back nine. If I remember right, the green is behind a big mound in the fairway about 50 yards out. A person of average height would unable to see a normal length pin behind the hill.

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