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What's your most memorable snap hook?

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Certainly when you've got one, adverse things happen. Had the disease years ago. Playing Longmeadow CC in western Massachusetts many years ago. The first hole has evergreen bushes on left side and runs along a relatively busy road. Unfortunately about 100 yds up the fairway there was one bush that had died and was recently removed leaving a three foot gap on the bushes. Running late I arrived at the tee as my group had already teed off. I put the peg in the ground, took a mighty swing and snap hooked on right through the gap in the trees and could see a large windowed dry cleaner type truck get smashed in the window with a plasma -like thud. As he came around to the clubhouse and there was a large spider web smashed window. Asking if he was alright he acknowledged he was. However, his partner was sleeping and according to him he "sh.t himself".


My second memorable snapper was on PGA West. There was a par four (right after the par 3 with water around it if memory serves my correctly). I was playing with a colleague and hooked up with two members. I had a big snap hook that hit a house and there was a tremendous crashing sound. We all went up to investigate and thankfully it wasn't a window. Unfortunately, it hit blue tile roof  and some of the tile came crashing down on the patio. The member requested I leave a note with my name and phone number. Knowing that his homeowners would pay for it I took an extra scorecard and proceeded to write a note to satisfy the members. My colleague asked why I left that note and what I had written. I didn't have to leave my name and number. I told him I didn't, I left his. In reality I left a note saying I was sorry.


Sad to say there were many more. Now it rarely happens. Thank goodness!

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I've never snap hooked it ;-)


At least, that's how I've trained myself to think now. 

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Standing on the 18th tee at 1 under par, needing no better than a bogey to improve my personal best from a one over 73 to an even par 72.  Hooked the tee shot left out of bounds, then made bogey with the second ball, resulting in a triple.  I don't even think that terminal Alzheimer's could erase that one from my memory.   As a 10 handicap, under any other circumstances I'd have been ecstatic with a 74.


That was twenty years ago, and 73 is still my personal best.

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Unfortunately, I was on the receiving end of one in the mid 1960s while caddying at Algonquin G.C. in St. Louis. I was washing a ball for my player on No. 7 tee, and a snap hook came off No. 14 tee, a short par 4 across a lake that is a "position hole." (No. 7 and No. 14 are perpendicular to each other).


Some 250-pound guy had rolled over on a 4i tee shot, and the line drive hit me in the back right ribs. It knocked me down, but the soft grass broke my fall.


I shrugged it off and said I was OK. When I got done with my loop, there was a sandwich and soda and a $10 bill waiting for me back at the caddie shack, courtesy of the line-drive guy. ($10 was actually noticeable money back then). 

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I have a very selective memory.........I don't remember the bad shots.

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This was about 7 years ago. I was playing a local course with a bunch of new houses. On the 3rd hole my buddy hits a huge pull hook that smashes the roof of a new house. I was having a few beers so I almost pissed myself laughing at him.  The rest of my group tees off I'm last to go any I smoke the side of the same house. Needless to say our foursome was in stitches about how I was giving him all kinds of shit about it.  Neither one of our balls caused any damage. We were both worried about going up the fairway and playing our 2nds when we realized it was a spec house and the yard had about 15 balls in it. It was hilarious. 

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None really, but the ones that landed on an adjacent road, luckily missing cars, and I have quite a few of those, I can't get those out of my mind. Bounce, bounce, bounce, ticks of bogey or worse.


My grip has been getting weaker and weaker and still more weaker among other things. Much fewer cement bound shots now.

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dumped one 50 yards high into the woods last year - brutal snap hook ... it hit a tree solid, flew practically straight up in the air & to the right on a lovely arc, cleared the trees on the way out & wound up on the edge of the fairway.     Damndest thing I've ever seen - no way a total snap hook that deep in the woods had any business coming back out.   I guess you never know ...

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Must have been around 1969 at the now defunct Forest Lakes CC in Sarasota.  They were building condos along the left of, I believe, the fifth fairway.  Anyway, I snapped one off the tee with my trusty persimmon into the side of the new building.  I remember watching the ball and the thought flashing through my mind that perhaps it would bounce back in bounds.  Instead, there was a dull thud and the ball disappeared.  Best I can tell, they were stuccoing over sheet-rock/wall board.  Ball punched right through it.  I was glad it was Sunday and no workers around.  Took a drop (yeah, I know...) and went on my merry way.

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The last one last Friday.  Hooked it into a tree and it came back 100 yards to land on a large exposed granite rock.  I had to punch it forward carefully and it still left my 180 to the hole for my third.

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Last Sun on #17. All I had to do was par the last two holes to keep it under 80 and I made the critical mistake of thinking about it on the tee box. Sure enough hook into the left trees. Thought it was a lost ball so I hit a provisional but I ended up finding it beyond the trees in calf deep scrub. Bogey for me.

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