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Your Wedge Game

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In addition to my PW (45°) which came with the set of Cleveland TA-5 Gunmetal irons (and since the irons were custom fit for me, I really use the PW more like a 10-iron, if you will, for full shots almost exclusively).

My wedge game includes Cleveland Tour Action REG. 588 Gunmetal wedges w/ S Flex Dynamic Gold Sensicore Shafts & Black Widow Widowmaker Grips: 
GW (51°/6), SW (57°/10), LW (64°/8)

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I've done lots of mixes the last few years. When I dumped stiff shafts for irons and woods back in 2008, finding the right wedge mix has been the biggest challenge. Prior to that I just used the stock high loft PW, SW and LW from my old iron set. So many choices now...


After Swapout... Started out with X20 irons PW (45.06), and X.Forged SW 56.14, split by an X20 GW 50.11. Dumped GW after a few months - major distance control  and clunkiness problems - and replaced it with a Cle CG14 50.08.


I then switched iron sets to X20 Tours with PW 46.06, and added CG14 SW 54.12 and LW 58.10, giving me  50, 54, 58. This was OK, except on my new home course - couldn't get out of bunkers reliably with 54*, and 58* again had distance control problems.


(Behind the scenes, I picked up two demos: a CG14 56.14 and a latter-day X.Forged 56.15 with MacDaddy grooves and C-grind sole - for $50 each).


Anyway, this spring I dumped the 54 + 58 for the CG14 56.14. Then, after a head-to-head test, the CG14 SW exited in favor of the C-Grind SW. I had more hot and cold days with the 54 + 58, but more consistent days with either of the 56* wedges.


As long as I practice a little - hard to do this summer - the 46.06, 50.08 and 56.15 C-grind seem to work quite well. The C-grind allows me to open up a little for green side cut shots, but still have a solid flange for sand shots.


I like having the extra wedges so my brothers and friends can hit different combos, and figure out what they want before having to buy it.


The logical side of me says I should go with somebody's 48 + 54 + 60, BUT I've had bunker trouble with the 54, and the 60* loft just hasn't worked for me (distance problems).


NOTE: If any equipment reps out there want a mid-HDCP golfer to test out wedges on, send me a PM.

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When I started playing again about a year ago I bought a set of Ping G20s with all four wedges 45* PW, 50* GW, 54* SW and 58* LW.  After practicing a good bit and taking several pitching and chipping lessons I had sort of settled in focusing on using my lob wedge for most shots near the green simply because it was easier (for me) than deciding which club I ought to chip with.  Then I found Erik's pitching video ( http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video ) and read Stan Utley's "The Art of the Short Game" both of which sort of validated this approach.  I wasn't real happy with the sole on the Ping, and after trying several different brands and loft/bounce combos I settled on the Vokey 58*/12* that was also Utley's favorite.  I basically use the others as full swing clubs.

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For me, its a Mizuno JPX-800 AW with a Dynamic Gold R300, a Nike SQ Sumo SW (548) with the stock stiff shaft and a Mizuno MP-T4 58* with a DG Spinner.

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Wilson Staff JPII BeCU- 54* bent to 52*- TT Release Sensicore- hard stepped R(same as 48*PW)

Wilson Staff BeCu Sandy Andy-56*-TT Release Sensicore - tipped same as 8 iron

Wilson Harmonized BeCu-60*-TT Release Sensicore--tipped same as 8 iron


I have liked the feel of BeCu wedges since the middle 80's.  A couple years ago I found these wedges on eBay. and reshafted them to my specs.  I like a low trajectory on 48* and 52*, therefore they are hard stepped.  I like a softer. higher shot on 56*& 60* so they are tipped  the same as 8 iron.  Love the 52* and 56* wedges I have now but looking for another head for 60*(not in love with the shape and grind of Harmonized model.  I would like to find a JPII 60* head, but have never seen one.

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