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How many of you use GPS on the course? - Page 2

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Whistler Golf Digest GLF-125, works well enough, hasn't really led me astray yet. It was only like 35 dollars and I got 5 courses free, I only ever really play  2 different places but have used it on 3.

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I do. It has made the game easier. I never much had trouble calculating yardages to greens, but find the 'x yards to carry water' type distances help me a lot.

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I use Striker Golf GPS.  It had the most options for my money.  

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I use a Bushnell NEO-X watch mainly but I also use Golfpad on my phone to give me layouts of first time played courses.

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 Garmin G6 and Bushnell V3...use the Garmin more on the course as I'm not precise enough to worry about +/- a few yards. Just give me the front, back and middle and I'm set.

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I use a WR67, pretty good design as they look almost like a standard wrist watch

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Garmin Approach G5 (the earlier model of the G6), and it's the best I've seen.  I've used two different lasers and 2 different GPS receivers, and been with guys who used just about everything out there, and I prefer mine to anything I've seen.  Fast, accurate, 30,000 course data base and no subscriptions, great features.  


Some don't like it because it uses two AA batteries instead of recharging, but I bought it because it doesn't need a charger.  With a charger, I either have a dead unit in my bag because I forgot to charge it, or I have a fully charged unit still plugged in at home when I get to the course.  With AA lithium batteries, I keep 4 fresh ones in the bag, and I get about 7 rounds per pair, so that's not much of a cost to always have the unit ready to go.  If I do forget to put new batteries in the bag, I can pick them up anywhere.

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Wow. That Garmin G5 costs $500. That's a lotta golf 

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Been using the Bushnell Neo for 6 months now and i like it. Don't wear it on my wrist though. Either i strap it onto my push cart handle or i hang it off my bag if i'm in a cart. Going to try starting to wear it on my right hand to see if that works. Its the watch/glove thing that bothers me with my left hand. Btu overall the GPS is nice. Front, MId and back of greens and hazards is about 90% of what i need to get through a course. A rare blind landing area on a course you never played before and the watch is pretty much useless. 


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I picked up a Garmin G3 at the beginning of 2013 for a bit under $150.  It is accurate enough for my game (+ or - 2 yards), easy to use and there are no additional costs after purchase.

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Golf Buddy clipped onto my visor.

Just hit the button and she tells me the yardage to the front, center or back of the green.

No need to read anything. Just listen.

$120.00 on Amazon and every course is available. 

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Just got garmin s3 for Christmas! Using it tomorrow for first time, not sure ill benefit in the 50+mph winds forecast?
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'Golfshot GPS' app best £20 I spent on golf. Great picture quality, no subscription and I can track my scores. I'm wondering though about getting a range finder, would be useful for the range as well as course, plus I think some of the give elevation??
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