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My grip. Thoughts?

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I started playing golf around August or September of 2011. I love golf and have a lot of fun playing and part of the fun was how fast I was improving. I went from shooting 100's to 90's then a few 80's and broke 80 twice (79 and 77 at a relatively easy course) all in a short period of time (less than 2 years). Lately though I've been struggling again and haven't broken 90 in about the last 5 rounds or so (shooting in the 100's twice at a course that is pretty hard: 6,900 yard par 72 with 72.3 rating and 137 slope). I was able to spend a lot of time at the driving range this summer since I am a college student who was only working part time, but since school has started again and I have less time to spend I think my game has started to regress again a little bit. I made a video of myself hitting some golf balls in my shed today and took this screen shot of my grip/address setup as best as it could be. 



I was just curious to hear some thoughts on my grip. It looks funky when I actually view it on camera and my arms look very low as well. I am 5'11'' and definitely not skinny; so I know I may not match up well to the "ideal" golfer image of comparison. 

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Looks like you need to have the grip more into the fingers of both hands, left and right hand look "palmy".


Try and copy these pics, notice in the first pic how the grip is in the fingers and on top of the heel pad of the left hand.



Then the right hand


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Grip is something I need to revisit a few times per season, it's very easy for it to drift back into the palms if I stop paying attention to it. I'm working on getting my gripping process into my pre-shot routine to try to keep it where it needs to be.

The pics that @mvmac posted are excellent. Exactly how I grip it. Really get that grip deep into the fingers of your left hand, I like to start by laying it across the crease between the base of my fingers and my palm. Think perpendicular rather than diagonal. Make sure it stays there when you close your hand and apply your thumb and doesn't shift back up into your palm. Then hook your right second and ring fingers around like mvmac's third picture. When you fold your right hand the rest of the way over the top of your left, check to make sure that the left thumb is nestled into the lifeline of your right hand. It will probably feel like your right hand is a little weaker than your left.

It's probably going to feel very strange if your used to a palmy grip, like you have no control or power. But you quickly see that you have a much better wrist hinge with this grip which will translate to way more power and control.

It's gonna take time to make the change because this grip will likely feel REALLY uncomfortable at first but stick with it, it's going to make a lot of other, seemingly unrelated, aspects of the swinging easier to execute.
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The club is your friend..grip it right and you know what it is doing all the time.,like a stalker..a2_wink.gif

Also get a cut off club..by the grip. Practice what you want to do over and over again. Will feel unnatural at first, but after a few months will feel like a old pair of shoes.. Won't happen over night as everyone on internet golf world thinks.. These things take a lot of time
no quick fix here..thank me later

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Why the long thumb? What is wrong with the short? I guess longs does shorter up the backswing a bit
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The pro I have been working with advocates getting a proper grip on the club as the very first step in the pre-shot routine.  This seems right to me so far.


I agree that the pictures look excellent, and that it will probably feel real strange until you get used to it.  But you WILL get used to it, and it works.

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Originally Posted by c peterich View Post


Why the long thumb? What is wrong with the short? I guess longs does shorter up the backswing a bit


Less range of motion with the left wrist hinge when you go short left thumb.  Can't create as much "leverage".


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Good stuff..long left thumb also let's u pull back with the middle 2 fingers of the right hand.. As left wrists.. Big lag there. Alla hogan
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