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Help - Buy Rocketballz?

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I was at a local club fitter today and he tested me out on my 7 iron. I was averaging 90-93 mph club speed and 127-131 ball speed he suggested stiff shaft "1" long (I'm roughly 6'4"). Does that sound accurate? He wanted me to buy the taylormades rocketballz, anybody have luck with them? Thank you
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I have heard good things about them.

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I envy your swing speed, but the stiff shaft sounds about right I guess.  I'm not personally a big TaylorMade fan, but they are a big successful company, sell an awful lot of clubs, and have a strong following, so they obviously don't really stink.  I really think club selection is a lot about how the particular sticks feel to you and how much confidence you feel when you pull 'em out of the bag.  Not to say that launch monitor numbers don't count, quite the contrary, they can add a lot to that feeling, but if you just don't like the look or feel the numbers mean less (to me, more analytical sorts may feel differently).  Only you can decide if a particular brand is right for you.

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I'm 6'5", and have a very similar swing speed...I was fitted at 1" over and 3° upright... stiff shaft, works well for me.

Might want to consider a midsize grip also, depending on hand size, but with your height I figure you'll need them.
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Thanks for the help and suggestions everybody. He said I would have to get mid or jumbo as my hands are in between. And he said no lie adjustment needed. Not to sound ignorant but what does the lie adjustment do exactly, from what I read taller people need +adjustment usually but I don't understand what that means.

Thank you
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Lie angle is the angle between the base of the blade relative to the shaft.      If the lie is incorrect, either the heel or toe of the club will dig in at impact.  RBZ are excellent clubs.

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Thanks for the education I always figured it was something like that but now I know for sure
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I purchased the TM Rocketballz this summer and absolutely love them. Take this with a grain of salt, though, since I hadn't played in a very long time (15+ years) and most likely anything I picked up would have felt great compared to what I was using back then (late 80's-ish set of Spalding Executives). I was not fitted for them when I purcahsed the clubs but I liked they way the felt and they seemed reasonably priced at the time.
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