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My Swing (grubby98)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 14 years seriously for 1

My current handicap index or average score is: 5

My typical ball flight is: high with a push draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push and snap hook



I have been trying to copy my practice swing over the ball and just cant.  For the sake of me I can not figure out what I am doing when I am trying to hit the golf ball.  With my practice swing I stay on plane all the way to the top and back down.  But when I am over the ball, I get behind the ball on the way back and I come into the ball way to far from the inside.  I now this causes my blocks.  If my timing is on I play some awesome golf ( have had a few rounds under par) but when its bad its high 80s.  I cant seem to find any drills that can help me make the same swing as my practice swing.  Any help would be appreciated.  My pro is trying to qualify for the senior tour and isn't giving lessons at this time.



This is a practice swing...



This is my swing over the ball...


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I am very new to this, so hopefully the more qualified/seasoned guys will add more (correct me), but here are my thoughts: 


First, its very difficult to see much as the videos are short and fast, That said, I do not think the push is because you are coming from too inside, but rather with an open clubface. It was difficult to do, but if you can pause the video right at impact I see a couple of things - clubface open and impact off the toe. You can also see that your arms are disconnected from your body. Try keeping the upper arm pressure points and the elbows tighter together.


Again, I am new to this, but trying to offer some insight both to increase my own knowledge and so that I am not completely mooching off of this site and others advice. 

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ive thought a lot about your concern with the practice swing.  Look at it this way.  The real swing is all instinct and the subconscious mind taking over, its human, and nobody out there is swinging at a real ball with their conscious mind.  The practice swing is a larger percentage of the conscious mind, you can make a practice swing look like Charles barkley or Freddie couples, it doesn't matter.  Practice swings can be used to help ingrain a certain feeling etc, but don't think you can carbon copy it over the ball lol.

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Couple address things


- Get the eyes down more, feel like the head is hanging down more.  Your head goes down on the backswing, compensation for the eyes being too far up and then the head moves the opposite direction on the downswing.




- Turn the right foot out at address, will allow for a deeper hips turn and will help the sequencing.


- Do a few of these drills up against a wall, this needs to be your new practice swing.  Followthrough will feel much more like your head is tilted right, like you're trying to get water out of your right ear.  Will help the path issues.


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Wow!! Thanks guys for the input.  I was so worried with my swing path and staying on plane I didn't look at anything else.  I clearly see that my head moves down and up and that my spine angle changes during the swing.  I'm starting the first of 4 straight 12 hours shifts at work so I cant wait until my next range session this weekend.  Goal is scratch by next summer.

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OK have had 1 to 2 range session a week since my last video.  My swing to me looks more on plane.  I still seem to be a little flat going back and coming down.  Still swinging in to out but no way like I did before.  The ball is starting to start more were I want it than way right and hooking back.  So any more suggestions from this point to help me get even better? When I look at the swing in slow mow it looks like my hands come down towards the ground when I start my back-swing instead of going back towards the ball.



1/8th Speed Swing...









Full Speed...



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My recommendations are still the same :-)

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Thanks @mvmac.  Merry Christmas to you.

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Here is my new swing.  Been working really hard getting on plane.

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Yeah still think you've got to turn those hips more. Good video to check out


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Well after a summer of playing.  Have my handicap sub 4.  Can shoot par or better, take lunch than have to grind to break 80.  I think its more from working hard on short game and putting.  Here is my swing.  To me I cant seem to figure out why I am on my toes when I make contact with the ball.  What do you all think? 

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The reason you're on your toes is because the left wrist is cupped at A6 and this can start to lengthen the "radius" of the swing arc. So you being on your toes is a reaction to trying to create more space for the club head, otherwise you would hit well behind the ball.


I would work on adding this feel, like you are "revving a motorcycle" with your left hand on the downswing, will get it looking flatter or slightly bowed (right pic). This will also make drawing the ball much easier, if you're into that sorta thing ;-) Overall the motion looks pretty good.

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