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Originally Posted by MiniBlueDragon View Post

Good to know, cheers. :)

Basically it's exactly the same concept in that the ball cannot come off the face faster than X measurement but it's just being measured in a different way?


I don't know so I'm going to say yes basically the same even though I might have other opinions (full of opinions). But since I don't actually KNOW anything different ... yes.


Tom Wishon made this comment once.

Admittedly it does seem suspicious. But in defense of the USGA/R&A, we have yet to see a driver head that does not correspond between CT and COR. So it apparently is viable for doing face conformity rulings for driver heads.
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The method of measuring the SPRING LIKE EFFECT in a clubface, recently developed by the USGA is to use a pendulum on the end of which is a metal hemisphere which bounces against the clubface and the contact time relates directly to the SLE. The results of the conformance tests are used in determining conformity of the club head to the Rules of Golf,

Using the pendulum testing apparatus, a golf clubhead is impacted several times by a small steel pendulum. A characteristic time between the clubhead and pendulum is recorded for each impact. The characteristic time is directly related to the flexibility of the golf clubhead

The characteristic time of the clubhead shall not be greater than 239 µs. A maximum test tolerance of 18 µs is associated with this test. Therefore a maximum characteristic time of 257 us. or units, is allowed.

This test measures the response of a shafted golf club. If there is no shaft in the clubhead, one must be temporarily installed prior to testing.

The normal procedure calls for the measurement to be made at the face center, and is meant to replace the old coefficient of restitution method. 

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CT is the magic number!  More precision and a better production process would allow them to get closer to the .257 number than other companies, but due to large production runs they can't hit this number, but they can come out with 4 different driver shapes and names.


Lets ask them why they don't use a 2 piece cast production process on all there "stock" models...

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Easy....with the acquisition of Adams golf they got more patents-engineers and Ideas....no pun intended. Notice the slot technology on the tight lies and speedline series.

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