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any suggestions

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im a fast improving 13 year old from south australia. im looking at a new iron set as i currently have a worn out ladies set of dunlop locos. at the moment im off 25 but i think ill be off 15 by the end of 2014. got a set of TM rocketbladez in mind. can anyone suggest any other sets to me.

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Couple other options in the same category




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Looking back with trying to keep my son properly fitted with golf clubs, age 12-14 were tough. He had out grown most kids clubs but a men's set was just a bit too much. He ended up playing a women's set during that period and was able to handle a men's set by age 14. A lot depends on your size and strength and how fast your growing.


I don't know how big you are or if your above average in size and strength you may be able to handle a men's set. The worst thing you can do for your golf game in the developmental stage as a junior player is start playing clubs that don't fit or are too heavy. You will develop some bad swing habits. If your current women's set is in serviceable condition and still fit you might want to seriously consider playing them one more season. If you feel you absolutely must have a new set then I would strongly advise going to a pro and getting fitted.

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Rocketbladz or any non blade or Non game improvement club would be perfect for you. To say one set of irons in the same category is much better tha the next is foolish. Stick with a name brand of irons. Don't get hung up if the head is cast or forged, take a lesson(s) to develop proper swing patterns that you can keep for the rest of our life.

When I was your age, my father gave me his Wilson staffs, which were too long, too heavy, too stiff and very unforgiving compared to clubs today.........if the passion to play is there, any club including those Wilson's staffs will work fine.......they did for me. All too often we as consumers are led to believe we have to X or don't bother....
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for the help 

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At 13, you might still want graphite shafts, depending on your physical attributes.


I don't know the market in Oz, but look at clubs where the maker is introducing a new line and attempting to sell off his discontinued line of irons.


My son at 13 was not big, and I found him some Nike Slingshots with graphite - those did fine for a couple of  years until he graduated to Ping when he hit 15. By 17, he was in Epons and shooting par -- so can you. Keep at it.

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whats in my bag


Taylormade Burner 2.0 10.5* Driver

Taylormade RBZ stage 2 15* 3 wood

Dunlop Loco 19* 3 hybrid

Dunlop Loco ladies irons 5-sw

? 60* lob wedge

maxfli fire putter

ball of choice - Titleist NXT, Bridgestone e6, 

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yea ive thought about this and with the new TM speedblade coming out the rocketbladez may come way down in price

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