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     Honestly bro, it's all about the way you learn.  Far too many golfers and far too many instructors just throw a bucket down on the grass and tell the student to start hitting balls.  They're selling themselves as good instructors, so they dig in and start looking for swing positions that are out of place, or movement directions that are in the wrong direction.  After a few swings they tell you with confidence what you are doing wrong, and then proceed to show you the correction.  And this visual demonstration of the correction alone, in their brilliant worlds of 'teaching' golf, you are supposed to practice....maybe they give you a couple of drills for that move...then off you go, after you pony up the $50-100 for the lesson.. months later and maybe half a dozen more wallet cleaning lessons later, you see very little improvement.  Their words of wisdom are "hang in there, it will get better, it can take years depending on how much time you have".  This is the best that most instructors can do for a student...To think, that's almost all of them LOL.


    Here's where most golf instructors completely fail a golfer in a lesson... One's best golf shots all manifest in your mind.  The entire swing process in it's entirety is a packet of orders and signals organized by your mind, then sent out to your body.  Thus there are 2 ways to learn and practice golf -- by watching and hitting balls with your muscles, or by learning the swing process, and swinging the club with your mind.  I've helped golfers improve their swing process without even picking up a golf club lol.  If you have an inconsistency in the results of a certain type of shot, it's almost always your mind's interpretation of what it 'thinks' is the best process, be it through hacking a few buckets, or be it the information you received from your lessons. 

    If something doesn't physically feel right during the swing, or chip, or pitch, or putting motion, it's really your brain doing the best it can to fill in the information gaps that arise from misconceptions.


    It's at the very foundation of the problems with most instructors - they only instruct physical movements and motions, and have no idea how to explain 'why' in a way to get through to the golfer's brain function.  You're basically trying to fast-track for short term fixes and improvements when you take a lesson from most any instructor these days.  If you were studying for a college math test next week, and your teacher just flat-out gave you the answers to all of the questions prior to the exam, how well do you think your brain would process those answers if you don't give yourself the due time to work out 'how' and 'why' those answers are correct?  How long do you think you would hold onto those quick answers? 


    Point being, if you don't find a way to get through to yourself properly in the learning process, to mentally understand with certainty the physical movements and positions, then your brain will either bounce around in limbo pretending to understand & not hold onto the information, or will fill in the subtle misunderstood gaps with its own interpretation of how to perform the movements and how to get to the positions that you strive for. Do you have a point in your swing where it feels like you are blanking out, when you swear you kept your view point on or near the ball, but can't for the life of you remember seeing the ball leave your line of sight?  That's an example of an information gap.  Your brain doesn't truly grasp 'how' to make a certain move happen correctly, so it throws together a quick patch to solve the most basic instinct puzzle - make contact with the ball.  That quick patch of signals usually involves some fast twitch muscles in your torso, arms, or hands/wrists.  It doesn't 'feel' right, so the mind needs to come up with a quick solution to return the clubhead to the ball. 


    How many times have you taken a lesson, where the instructor uses the same terminology and words to describe certain processes in a golf swing?  Fine in it's own bag of bolts, but where they can cripple a student's golf foundation is when they don't stop to ask the goddam student what that means to them, how it makes them feel, or how they are interpreting it.  ie - one person's interpretation of 'down' outputs one way in their mind, but another person's mind might interpret that literally, and gap-fill this misconception by literally forcing a movement straight down, or dip something straight down.  ie 2 - when an instructor tells a student to reach for the flag, or push the back of your lead hand toward the target on the forward swing; after just telling them to swing on plane lol.  Have you ever tried to reach for the flag after impact?  lemme know how you make out with that, and how successful you are at maintaining your spine tilt and sound shoulder frame rotation LOL.  There are very few exceptional teachers that have an understanding of mental game and mental process, and have an arsenal of descriptions to share with the student depending on what 'way' the student needs to hear the information.  They all teach in the same exact way with the same words and phrases - whatever that instructor's way or technique may be...


 The golf swing really starts between your ears... make it feel right up there by understanding the biophysics of the motion...  decode your mind's swing 'blueprint', everyone's is different, everyone processes information differently,,, then work on reconditioning your muscles with the right signal patches.

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To the OP, I have started playing a year and a half ago, I have quit the game two or three times already :)


But I keep coming back, had some lessons, in hindsight, they were an absolute WASTE OF BLOODY TIME, I was shown a technique (right sided swing) that it hard on your body, and just plain difficult, despite the teacher saying that this is the easist golf swing out there...


Now, I found this site, and some other quality instruction, check out Shawn Clement You Tube also, simply brilliant!!!!!

 Taken strokes of my game truly..


I have only begun in the last couple of months begin shooting under 36 handicap, and I come from a sporting background, but golf is "the beast" of a sport...Most people seemed to progress a heck of a lot quicker than me.. I have resigned myself to being in this game for the long haul!! Whats the hurry!!


Please, u said u love it, hang in there, work at your game, I did, and persist, the journey is all part of your golfing voyage...


I think mechanics of the swing, are a big part of the golf swing, perhaps take a lesson or two, if u don't get anything out of their lessons, find someone else, OR another option post videos of yourself here, there are many well trained eyes here to help..


You do not suffer alone my friend, hand in there, it will get better..


My advice please, do yourself a favour and check out "perpetual motion" by Shawn Clement on You Tube to get u going, and look at several of his videos.. If I can improve, then anyone can!! Please look into it mate.

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