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My swing (crazywesc)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 16 months

My current handicap index or average score is:95

My typical ball flight is: pull or fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:pull


       I know I come over the top and cant seem to fix it know matter what I do. I have took two golf lessons and watched multiple videos on how to swing from the inside. The golf instructor told me to exaggerate the feeling of coming from the inside but its just not coming to me. In these two videos I am really trying to come from the inside and shifting my weight forward on the downswing. There has to be something I am doing that's not letting me drop the club back on plane. Any help would be appreciated. 


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I was hitting pull hooks like crazy, even with my PW, found out that I too was coming over the top/swinging across my body. I would suggest swinging you club down at the target, let the club head take it's path instead of pulling it in. I find that if I finish with my hands high over my left shoulder it helps to stay on the path it should, you may have another swing thought that will help to swing on the correct path. I'm far from an expert on fixes, so others may have better suggestions. You could try putting a glove under your arms and hit balls, that will keep you connected.


BTW, welcome aboard.

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Less arch in the lower back, 

You can arch your upper back a bit more. Your arms a bit too straight out in front of you.



Your shoulders are rotating on too flat of an angle, get them steeper. Your left shoulder should drop more towards the ball in the back swing. 


Overall the best thread for drills,


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Hard to see with pants but it looks like you may be straightening that right leg too much at the top.

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Originally Posted by flopster View Post

Hard to see with pants but it looks like you may be straightening that right leg too much at the top.


It looks like that because he's turning to shallow with his hips and shoulders. If he turns steeper, then it will look better. 

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I see what you mean about my shoulders swinging flat. To fix that do I just need to bend at the hips a little more and let my arms hang down in front of me?
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Your swing, look at the arch in the back, and how upright you are



Jason Dufner, look how his lower back is in neutral flat position, and his upper back is rounded. His face is now pointed more towards the ball. When he turns, his left shoulder will drop towards the ball. Look how his arms fall down from his shoulder, not nearly straight inline with his club like yours are. 




Just bending over wont work, because you can arch your back and bend over. You need to fix your posture. 

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listen to your instructor. you need to exaggerate the felling of coming from the inside, like thousands of times.  be persistent, good luck bro

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