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Clubs question

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Hi Everyone,

Im new to the site and to be honest just back into golfing after ten years. I recently went out and hit a few balls at the local shop and walked away with a nice set of Callaway RAZR HLs ( 4H-6H, 7-9 irons ) PW, AW. I also picked up a Ping Anser Driver.

My question is simply this. I would like to fill this out with a Fairway wood and I was initially thinking just getting a 4 wood instead of both a 3 and 5. Will this sufficiently round out my tool kit?


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I find a 4 easier to hit off the fairway than a 3. However, at this point I would suggest that you will have enough to practice without worrying about a fairway wood. Learn to hit the driver and the hybrids and you can make your way around the course fine. Once you are playing well with those you will be in a better position to evaluate what to add.

A much better investment at this point would be a sand/lob wedge in the 56 - 58 degree range if you don't already have one.
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Agree. Priority for you should be SW (mine's a 54 personally) first and foremost and then get used to playing with what you have.

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I don't hit a wood at all off the deck. I personally like a 3 hybrid. Seems to be as long as a 5 wood and easier to hit and can be played on questionable lies. Look at Callaway Preowned and you can usually find pretty good deals.

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I agree with what others have said - there is no rush to finish off the set. My first round (in July) after a 10+ year hiatus was horrible - I probably only hit driver, 3H, my four wedges. Basically, I sucked and distances and actual good contact was minimal. I have improved drastically, but still rarely hit my 3W. I am not going to get to most Par 5s in two so on longer holes its usually driver- 3/4 hybrid-wedge.Once I get better I expect to use the wood more, but not sure when that will be. You can play perfectly fine with what you have. Work to consistent and solid contact, figure out your distances and gaps, and then decide which wood to get. That said, if you really want a wood now go to your local shop and it some 3 and 4 woods to get a feel for distances and which you hit better. You can also rent single clubs when you are playing a round to see which you prefer on the course. 

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Thats what I'll do I think. When I went and hit the driver I found a huge difference in how they felt and worked with my swing. When I'm looking for a 58 SW is there the same type of differences? If so what are your preferences. This way I have a few in mind to hit when i go to the shop.

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Well, it looks like the RAZR HL wedges are 45* and 50*. I lot of people recommend even gaps, so if you want that then go for a 56* and have it bent to 55*. That then leaves the option for a 60* later if you want a fourth wedge and even gaps. This is what my set up is - 45, 50, 55 (bent from 56), and 60. 

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its not that big of a deal, at all. welcome back to the game. thats the important part.


but if i had to make a decision.... id say 5 wood. its easier to hit than both a 4 wood or a 3 wood. you have 10 clubs. i agree with the others saying "get wedges", but im just trying to answer your question first.....so id get a 5w.... my order of "14 club set completing advice" is:      <get a 54* or 55* SW and 5 wood now!>        the SW is huge and as u are just getting back into the game you might want another wood to tee off with more safely than a driver...plus use off the ground. then add 58* or 60* LW and a 3 wood whenever you feel like/can afford it/improve and know youre sticking with the game etc etc

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