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J, did you get your bag yet?

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Just came yesterday and I gotta tell you....this bag is absolutely by far the best bag I've ever had!!! Quality is superb, deep pockets, built to last, great looking, very convieniant and organized...so happy I got it!!!
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Beautiful bag. I am now more and more considering the black. The blue highlighting, is a nice contrast. How do the size and weight compare to your other cart bag? Big or minor difference? I will be using this mostly on Bag Boy push cart, and soon I will be getting a Clicgear, easier to fit in the trunk of my VW.

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That is a great looking bag.........  Thanks for the write up.  Keep us posted on how  it all works out.




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Thanks guys, yes Alohaed....in comparison to my OGIO Wedgē which I absolutely loved....it's way better. It has an external umbrella holder, lots of pocket space, putter holder which is seperate from a 15 way top. It weighs 6.5 lbs which is on the heavy side but those extra 2 lbs are definitely all quality. It seems to almost keep clubs from falling all over the place if the bag gets off balance a little too...a couple times I thought I was gonna lose clubs from the bag tilting greater than 90 degrees but they didn't even slide....the putter compartment can easily fit the jumbo grip and still have room. Plus it's got a satin like finish on the inside for easily letting clubs fall into the bag and to help save your grips....lots of clip points for clipping say a brush, or anything else really that you wanna add, a rain hood (high Quality), you could actually fit an extra set of shoes in it, can carry about 40-50 balls, 300 tees and still have space left.....it's basically a tour bag made into a cart design with extreme quality....I can see why the bag was on back order. Sun mountain ended up taking over my order themselves and skipping the store I originally ordered from....when I opened the box and pulled the bag out....I honestly felt like I ripped them off. It's a one of a kind bag IMO and probably won't see this kind of quality again any time soon. Not being bias to my bag...just being honest. It has a thick rugged almost military feel with a sleek, expensive, flashy look.
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