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My first even par round.  Sub-par in 2014......  :-)

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Originally Posted by mvmac View Post

Playing St. Andrews with my Dad




Awesome shot! Must have been a great experience.

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Bandon Dunes yearly pilgrimage with the same group of buddies since 04'.
Stayed in Coos Bay at the Casino....had a blast. Had a reallygood caddy but played like crap. Had fun though but for whatever reason I always play horribly there. Shot 86 this year and bladed a wedge that went OB (couldn't find it in the tall grass)...lol
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2012 wasn't a great year for me, and saw my handicap rise from 5.2 to 6.3. During that time, and well into spring this year I couldn't hit a cow's ass with a banjo. I posted rounds the like of which I hadn't seen for over 30 years - I game totally deserted me. I changed the bag, bar my old faithful putter.


I've had a great year... two rounds spring to mind. One was a level par round on a wet and windy day in a competition at a course I'd never played before. The round included 7 birdies, the last one being on the 18th and I won the competition by one shot.


The second round of distinction saw me play the front nine in one under gross, inc a bogey and two birdies, then playing the back nine exactly the same, i.e. with one bogey and two birdies. A gross score of 2 under, and winning the competition by 4 clear shots. This also saw my handicap reduced to the lowest its been for a long long time, 4.4.

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For me, I played 45 rounds this year, normal year I get in maybe 25 rounds.  And walked all of them except for the 5 rounds I played on a buddies trip.

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1. Broke 80 for the first and only time (79 on 6200+ yards par 72 course with 120 rating).

2. Cracked 12 HI for the first and only time albeit only for a month.  

3. Joined a decent golf club.

4. Established an official handicap.

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As a high handicapper I made some big breakthroughs this year:


- 3 birdies including 1 my very first round this year.

- Scored a 41 in league play.

- Scored a 102 on the course I have name my personal demon.  This course usually gets me for a 115+ every round.

- Started hitting my driver better.

- My short game was straight money this year from 120 yards in.

- Learned to get out of the sand in one shot. 

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Positives to take away from 2013:


- Tightened up driver (swinging smoother & letting club do the work - realized that I simply can't afford OB flyers).


- Got confidence with 3 wood off fairway (still only use it if lie is nice 'n purty) - actually look forward to hitting it now, instead of dreading it.


- Practiced chipping ALOT (mostly in my backyard and living room into a recliner) ... holed out 3x from over 45 ft.


- Most important of all was just playing smarter - used my cannon-like RBDZ 18° 3 iron alot off tee instead of driver, relegating driver to holes where have enough room if I miss fairway.

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Shooting my all time low score of 84. a1_smile.gif
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2013 marked my return to the game so I'd have to say my best moment came at the driving range with that first swing...I knew I was hooked all over again.

Close second was hitting par on my nemesis hole, 185 yard, par 3, 17th on my home course. Elevated green, well bunkered, with no real good spot to miss so it's been a scorecard killer through-out the season for me. Wasn't until I started hitting my hybrids half way decently before I could really have a go at it, still vividly remember the cart ride up and seeing the ball sitting on that particular green for the first time ever!!!
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Shooting my all time best score 92
Older guy I was paired with told me I was a good putter
I was able to play pretty much once a week from March to October injury free
Pulling my 60 degree or 3 wood from the deck is no longer a horror show
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Spending time on the course with my parents and the half dozen eagles I made, all on the same hole. The even 36 I shot on the front of my home course was fun too.

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Shot a 76 on my 2nd round of the year! Had really hopes that I would continue that trend. Unfortunately, that came crashing down by the end of the season. Oh we'll, always next year :)
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Year 4 (Started Sep 2009)


Broke 80 Twice

Dropped to an 11.5 handicap

Finally got some confidence with the driver (been my biggest problem for the first 3 years) averaging closer to 240-250 now instead of the old 210-220... and even occasionally get one out there 280-310 (gps verified)


and, most importantly


Won 2 tournaments!

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Been a pretty good year for me, there are a few that stick out..

Doing the double for the second year in a row (Club Championship matchplay and Club Championship strokeplay)

Going a weekend without a bogey

Making 8 birdies in one round (played AWFUL on the other holes)

Receiving recognition from my national team

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Forgot the most important one! Course Record!

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Been making steady progress this year. Best moment was recently on the range, very satisfying to see how far I've come in 6 months.


June - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDKnEJETOY0




A couple of days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MUJK5JbGlw



Still have lots more room to improve, like fixing the funky post impact follow through. I've been trying to hit a position like this like... forever. Read and watched a ton of instruction vids and lots of swing vids and still working through TGM. I can operate my Casio in my sleep now.

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Didn't get much of a chance to play this year, but mine starts with a frustrating session at the range where I was working through a problem with scooping my wedges and getting all kinds of height and no distance.  Finally hit a good one when I was down to my last couple of balls.  The next day I went to the course and very tentatively bagged my 60 degree despite knowing better.  On the 2nd to last hole I was faced with a 65 yd approach to a tucked front pin just behind a big front side bunker.  Figured to myself "this is just what the lob wedge is for" and gave it a rip.  Well the swing felt good and it got up in a hurry; my buddy watching was saying "get up!" but I knew I had pured it.  Sure enough it dropped right behind the pin, danced a little and rolled to within inches.  I give my buddy a smile and he starts laughing as the 6" beaver pelt from my divot is still stuck to my club and then drops nearly right back into the divot before I even notice it.  I guess I'm a lob wedge guy now.

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