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I get vertigo around 2 to 3 times a year. Comes on randomly and lasts for a few days. I have a mild case this time where I can describe it as constantly standing in a small boat and being hit with little waves all day. 


When it gets severe it's more like standing in an amusement park tea cup ride while getting hit with waves. 


I take dramamine to lessen the dizziness/spins, does anybody else get this? What do you do? 

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I have had it only a couple of times.  It depends on what is causing it, i.e. fluid in the ear.  For me, nothing worked other than time.  Have you checked with a doctor?  Maybe you are just really tired from having very little sleep for a little over a month :-).

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I got it for 3 days at a time in May for a number of years. On the 3rd visit to my doctor he realized that the episodes had all been in the spring and we figured that it was due to something that I was reacting to blooming. Since it was a short period of time, getting less severe each year, and only once a year we decided not to do anything about it.


Mine was "room spinning I fall over" bad at first but reduced in severity (thank goodness). You might be getting exposed to something you are allergic to.

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