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New Driver. How to pick?

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I have an r7 your shaft 8.5 loft
I bought a r9 last year tour shaft 8.5 and hated it. I had better control and distance with the r7
Golf galaxy fitted me but didn't work

What I am looking to achieve is more accuracy or distance. With my r7 years ago when it was new I was 35 yards further than everybody now we r the same distance and they have new 2013 drivers.

I don't know what my ball or swing speed is anymore but I still hit the drive 250-275 in the air but high most of the time

Any suggestions on drivers to try and lofts and shaft? I'm not paying golf galaxy $50 again to fit me.
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I really think that a good fitting is your best path to a driver that works right for you and your swing.


I know absolutely nothing about your local Golf Galaxy.  I believe that some stores of that kind (Edwin Watts, Golfsmith, etc.) have good fitters.  I also am pretty sure that some of those kind of stores have guys that have been sort of instructed in how to do a club fitting in the manner that store chain likes.  I seem to have encountered some who are pretty focused on making sure the perfect fit for me just happens to be the very clubs they happen to have in stock at the moment.


Then there are real professional fitters.  I think Taylormade calls their better authorized fitters Performance Labs.  Titleist calls 'em Advanced Fitting Centers.  My advice: Ask around, your local club/course pros likely know who the really good fitters in the area are.  It is worth a drive to find one, and honestly I think I would pick my brand of club based upon what the good fitter works with rather than picking a brand and then trying to find someone to fit me.


That's not an answer to the question you asked, but I think it's a good solution.  Personally, if I was flying drives 275 I'd sleep with my old driver, but whatever...

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When you go fit for a driver + shaft combo, look for one that keeps your ball RPM low (around the 2000-2500 mark or lower). The shaft if paramount in terms of what your ball will do in a driver, so I would just recommend to just go get fit.

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For me its all about the feedback I get from my clubs. If I was thinking about getting a driver now I'd take a serious look at the X Hot. I absolutely love the feel of those woods and the ball just flys off the club face.
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