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Awkward moments on the golf course

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Hey guys,

Just finished up a blog post about awkward moments on the golf course. My two favorites are:

-The failed Tom Lehman/Bernhard Langer chest bump
-The awkward handshake during Bubba Watson's green jacket presentation

What are some awkward/embarrassing moments you have been a part of on the golf course?
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This weekend.   I was paired up with 3 men (all family members) who appeared to be angry even before they started on #1 hole.  For the 1st 9 holes, they swore, grunted, threw clubs after missed shot, etc..   I was sure that their Thanksgiving get together went bad and they are continuing with their feud on the course.  Oddly, it helped me focus on my game (shut them out totally) and I shot a decent round. 

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One day while playing solo a 2 ball caught up with me as I waited on a group in front.  I asked and they agree to join me.  They appeared to be friends.  The friends clearly had a wager going and after putting out on the next hole they started arguing about something, presumably their score and/or a Rules issue.  Next thing I knew, they were pushing and punching each other.  As they rolled around on the ground I hustled over to the next tee and played on.


Another time I experienced a somewhat unusual situation, not really awkward.  I joined a 3 ball on the first tee of my home course in Michigan.  The 3 ball consisted of three golfers from Japan.  It seemed sort of funny playing golf at my home course with the group's primary language not being English.  We had a decent outing but most of the time I was not part of the conversation.  I will add that they went out of their way to give me a "good shot" occasionally or "nice putt."

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I don't remember what event it was, but during the last year Tiger and his caddy executed a flump (aka a turkey, or the dreaded fist bump/high five mismatch).


Actually, now that I'm writing about it I remember better the situation. What was the tournament where Tiger post a number earlier on Sunday and had to wait to see it it held up? That was the one, and when the putt was missed and Tiger knew he had won he grinned, turned to the caddy and boom! worlds collided.

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Earlier this year I was playing solo and caught up to this threesome on the fourth hole who were actually a couple who had earlier been caught by a young kid.

We played together and they were dreadfully slow but I felt it kind of awkward to ask to play through them.

We get to the eighth hole and by now the young kid is telling me for the third or fourth time about how he hit his 3W great the day before and how he's hitting it like crap. Well, after playing a few holes with him I came to realize he and I had different definitions of the word, "great," seeing as how he played worse than did.

So, he takes out his driver on the eighth hole and tops his tee shot. Walking roughly 50 feet to his ball, he takes out the aforementioned 3W and hits it fat. He begins walking to his ball and as he approaches his ball, he proceeds to throw said 3W into the forest. At this point, he's oblivious that he's directly in line with my shot and I had to yell at him to get out of the way three times.

Golf clubs cost too much money for me to toss them like that.
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