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~~Hi. Im new here ad have a question. 1st off im a 9.8 handicap (although I just recently shot an 89) I didn't know what forum was more appropriate so I posted in two forums  ~~ So I have a set of Titleist 710 cb's . Im missing the 9 iron (lost it somewhere) and a new one will cost around 165. Used they are about 90- 125. I ran in to a set of Mizuno Mp-30s for 150 ( 3-P). Now ive never owned Mizuno irons. I hit them today and they felt like butter (I love my 710 btw). I now the Mp-30s are older but I.M.O iron technology doesn't change. So my question should I ditch my 710s for the Mp30s or fork up for another 9 iron. I don't know if its a lateral step or a step down or up going to an older set of Mizunos. Thoughts?