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Especially from someone barely into puberty.

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Wow..I just read this thread from the beginning...amazing thread lol. What cracked me up the most was that he kept saying he'd post another video (as everyone was subtly calling for proof of his claims), but then he never would. He posted two videos in the dark that only showed his lower half!! LMAO! Someone needs to talk to his parents, because this is scary behavior to carry this on for as long as he did. Then takes the easy way out ...suicide by Mod. One of the most entertaining things I've read in awhile.

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The likelihood of his claims is very low.  I am extremely skeptical that someone who behaved this way was remotely telling the truth.  A 300 yard carry for a driver is very rare and only the best of the best are capable of doing it.

Yep, a 300 yard carry is a poke. He not only claimed a 300 yard carry but claimed to "average" it. I would never doubt somebody saying they had a 300 yard carry on a particular shot if I had never seen them play, but when he said that was his average is when he lost my benefit of the doubt.

If he had said it during the summer months, I might be able to believe the one or two 300 yard carries.


It's pretty cold in NorCal. and even in So. Cal. Winter months seem to shorten everything by about 10%. This would mean that he could hit 330 yards carry during the summer months. There was at least one 16 year from NorCal. who could do this, Domenic Mazza.

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