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I play a variety of courses.  Some are easy on the "finding" and others not so much.  I will typically play a round with one ball and then lose it the next.  1.5 per round?

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Hard to say, so many ways to lose them, in fact the last 1 I lost happened on hole 18 at a different course. It was a par 5 so I went for the green in 2 and pushed it a bit right, when I got there I noticed a lady practicing her chipping in the area my ball landed and sure enough what color balls was she using?...yellow optics just like my z star. I got there just while she's picking them up with her shag bag. On normal circumstances probably 1 or 2 if I get really wild every other round, even though I may hit it somewhere bad doesn't mean it can't be found.

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On my most often played course, I might lose one ball per 27 holes. I usually play 9 and seldom lose one. There are a couple of water hazards that I will find maybe once in 27 holes. The rough is not bad, and the woods near the fairway are clean. On one hole this summer, I did hit two rainmaker hooks OB never to be seen again, but that doesn't happen often.

There are a couple of other courses that I play occasionally, both of which usually take me at least a sleeve to play 18.
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My usual course has water on dang near every hole, so losing balls is a fact of life. That said, I probably don't average losing more than one per round. Perhaps interestingly, I seem to have a lot of days where I lose none, then have one where I'm obviously not hitting 'em very well and I lose several.
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Average varies, but I'll give you my embarrassing worse. 


I didn't start playing until I was 39, and the year after I started I got invited as a fourth to go on an annual Florida trip my friends were taking to Sandestin Resort. A lot of water and trouble everywhere. Being a golf virgin, I had never seen anything like it. I'd only played on a flat muni course with 2 little ponds on it, nowhere near in play. We played 36 holes a day for 4 days, finished up with 18 on the 5th day and left for home. I kept a running total of lost balls. I ended up losing 76 balls over the 9 rounds. We had to go to Walmart after the second day so I could pick up more of the cheapest Pinnacle balls I could find. If there was water on the hole, I found it. Sometimes more than once. The other guys were tossing me all of the found balls they picked up. They had quite an enjoyable trip. 


The last time we went, in 2011 (13 years later), I lost 4 for the 9 rounds. That was my best. At least now I don't automatically go for the scuffed up dirty found ball whenever I see water. I'll actually hit a brand new ProV1 over water. On purpose!

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Just had two crappy rounds and didn't lose any balls, I don't know how to keep track but I guess I don't lose too many just screw myslf on the greens with three putts.

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I play about 2-3 times a week so probably somewhere around 115 rounds a year.  I purchase 3 dozen or so balls a year (of course I keep the Prov V balls I find) so maybe i use 4 dozen a year.  I think that is somewhere close to 2 rounds a ball.  So as to not mislead anyone out there I lose most of the balls in the Summer playing in the pines.  Here on the desert courses in the Winter I wear our more balls than I lose. 

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On average I lose 1-2/rd maximum......and many times I won't lose a ball neither.

But I find so many balls....so if I lose 1-2 balls....I likely come out with 3-4 balls cause I generally find balls when I go searching for mine.

I also find my fair share of premium urethane cover balls too.


Between balls given to me and balls found....I have not bought any golf balls since 1992.

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1.25 per round
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Originally Posted by jrodz View Post

I was wondering how many golf balls on average you use per round and/or monthly?


I agree with many of the posts. It really depends on the course that you play.  More water, more hazards, more O.B.'s equals more balls.


As for me, I would say it is around one ball per round. There are some rounds that I don't lose any ball, and then I might put that ball back in play on the next round. With today's composite ball, I can occasionally play 2 or 3 rounds with the same spheroid. However, I will take a ball out of play once the cart path or tree marks take their toll.


Where I lose balls is in late October and early November, when the leaves fall. Then, I could lose anywhere from 2 to 6 or 7 balls without any trouble in one round. That's why I always play older balls that I have put out of play earlier in the season (from tree burns or cart path scars).

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Originally Posted by lumpuckeroo View Post

Really depends on where I'm playing, but I played 40 rounds at my home course and used 2 dozen balls give or take a sleeve.  However, the 5 rounds I played on our annual buddies trip, I probably used 2 dozen balls.

What he said........


Playing a familiar vs unfamiliar course can drastically affect your lost ball count.

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