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I either play alone or with my brother. Brother out of work at the moment so doesnt have the money to join the club. Anyone got any tips on how to get to know people at the club to play with. Im only 23, been playing 6-8 months and arent very confident with new people

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I play with my brother in law 90% of the time. Then I have several friends at the course that play alot so we end up playing in groups when we see each other in the clubhouse. The rest of my rounds are alone.

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I play usually as a single and whoever I am grouped with.  I also play once or twice with my brother-in-law and a couple of times with my 8 year old grandson.  I used to have a regular foursome for Sunday mornings but the group broke up for a variety of reasons.  I do enjoy playing more with people I know than strangers, but it is not a show stopper.  I just watch my etiquette, play from my set of tees, and enjoy some occasional conversation.

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Originally Posted by NJpatbee View Post

I play usually as a single and whoever I am grouped with. ...  

I play at a semi-private club - going into my second season with a couples' membership.


During the warm months, I usually just show up and join someone. Several times last year, the starter plugged me in with people who hadn't played the course before, and I was their "tour guide."


Also, there's a group of retirees who play a couple of times a week, and they've invited me in if they only had a threesome.


My wife and I have started playing in the monthly Nine & Dine group on Sunday evening. It's a two-person couples' scramble, with a barbecue afterward. I should be able to pick up a game or two with some of the people we're meeting.


A couple of guys at work bought clubs and talked about golf, but rarely go out and play. I've quit worrying.

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i play by myself most of the time i get out to the course about 1 when it is slow first i will practice some then go out and play 

i can hit a few balls on each shot  play with a group on most weeks if they are playing not much for weekend golf as it is so busy

but will play in tournaments on weekends

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When I'm at home, I either show up at the course as a single (60-70%) or play with my neighbor (30-40%).

When I'm visiting family, I play alone or with my brother.

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The majority of my rounds are played with my wife  (she got me into the game) but there is a group of men who play 5 days a week at my home course and I play with them on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

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I usually play by myself in the mornings.  I will play with family a number of times per year(mainly my brother and my dad).  I will take clients out, once or twice a month.  Other than that it is pretty much just people who pretend to be your friend and just want something from you. 

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I would say about 90% of my rounds are played solo, occasionally with random pairings (maybe 5%) but usually not. The other 10% would be with my brother in-laws. My home course is a decent, but not great, executive par 34 course. It's rarely busy so I can pretty much always just walk-on and play. Can walk 18 in just over two hours if there's no one in front of me. I've often thought of moving to a better and longer course but this one is only about 5 minutes away and seeing as I can play 18 holes in 2 hours it just makes sense. If I moved to another course where I need to drive 20-30 minutes to get there and it'll take 4+ hours to play 18 I think I'd end up playing A LOT less.

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I scheduled probably 30 of my tee times as a single last summer but got paired with people all but maybe 2 or 3 times.  I played a couple rounds with my brother and dad as well.

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Mostly alone but only because I play after work and the course is dead then. On weekends it kind of depends where I play. I am a regular at the two courses I play most so I have lots of course friends. But if I get there and nobody is waiting on deck I head out alone. If I play with someone it's usually because I've played through and eventually catch the crowd.

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My brother in law and I typically play 1-2 time a week, sometimes joined by 2-4 other buddies.  I've never played alone, but after reading it seems to be more common than I thought.

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I usually go alone but am often paired with others. When I am told that I will be paired I usually ask for a twosome if possible. My experience is that 3somes expect to be in just their group more than 2somes. 


You may have to wait a little, but I think it's worth it. If they are beginners or hackers, you can kill time looking for balls or whatever.


Also, if you get someone that's not your style you're not in the cart with him you only see him twice - tee and green !

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I play mist if my rounds with two of my sons. My oldest son and I went through some bad times where we didn't get along but it was golf that brought us back so I look at our time golfing as time very well spent.

I'd like to play with Dave in Fl but ever since he played with GM, he won't even answer my messages. a3_biggrin.gif
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I usually play with a buddy of mine, and some guys he used to work with (older gentleman).


It's amazing how few people my age play golf, but it's also the part of town I live in - an older part, and there aren't any younger golf groups (that I can find) in the Valley. :-\




Every now and again I'll go solo/with whomever they pair me up with.

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When either of my sons are home from college, we will usually play a couple of rounds. Other than that, I'm almost always by myself on the course. I enjoy the time alone, but I think that when I improve a bit, I'd like to play more golf with others.

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Play every Saturday with my rag tag bunch that all started out as singles. If I sneak out on Fridays, it is with one of them or the superintendent at the club.

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Talk to the pro at the club. They know use is friendly and open to a newbie! See if they have an afternoon group that you could jump in with. The club I work at has a Tuesday night drop in  they change the teams weekly so you get to know a lot of different players.

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