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Non-golf winter hobbies?

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I'm sure this thread has been done a million times before but what do you look forward to doing more of when mother nature forces you to finally put the clubs away for the season.

Personally, my guitars have collected a lot of dust since I took the game back up this past year so I'm really looking forward to kicking the kids out of the basement and plugging in the old SG1.
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Well I am finishing up the little things on the inside of my house(bought a foreclosure and remodeling from top to bottom). But mainly getting my poker game on until this crappy snow and ice disappear from my area.  Like to gamble while golfing so the poker games take care of that for me.

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When winter sets in, I normally increase the misc tinkering in the garage. If I can dream something up and actually bring it to fruition, I'm a happy guy.
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What else? Snowboarding!!!
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Cross-country skiing for me.

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Playstation.  This time of year Im up to my elbows in Gran Turismo.

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Anybody like going to casinos?

I've only been to a few and it's not really my thing but my boss and his wife absolutely love to go and they always want my wife and I to go with them.

He likes to go for the simple reason that he's luckier than a two peckered billy goat, but I was never much on risking anything on luck games.

The casinos here in Alabama (owned by Indian tribes) can't have card games, for some reason that I can't understand, so all they have are slot machines.

Really can't see how an "Indian tribe" could have slot machines when nobody else can and still not be able to have card games. If they can do one (because it's their land) they should also be able to do the other for the same reason (scratch my head?).

Anyway we are going down to Wetumpka tomorrow to try our luck...At least they have a good buffet. a2_wink.gif
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Hunting, video games, eating, and traveling somewhere warm.

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Sigh...If I could afford it, I'd go back to road racing motorcycles. Now, I settle for pickin a little geetar...:-(

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I spend a lot of time reading. I have a buddy who ice fishes a lot. I have been thinking about giving it a try. I don't have high hopes that I will like it though. When I fish in the summer, I prefer to cast for muskie or bass, so I'm not sure I will like fishing in one spot for extended periods of time.
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Hitting the weight room a bit more so I will be ready for the new golf season. And when i have the urge to walk around outside when there is snow on the ground disc golf is a good option.

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Indoor (and outdoor) rock climbing is hands down the best workout I have ever had.

I used to go to the climbing gym for hours every day, and not only was I in the best shape of my life, but I could also eat anything I wanted and never gain a pound. It truly was the best hobby I've ever had. Looking forward to getting back into it. (Obviously, it is great for super rainy days in the spring, summer, and fall as well!)



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