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St. Louis Golf Expo moves to February: TST meet-up?

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St. Louis Golf Expo returns to St. Charles Convention Center for 2014, but has moved to Feb. 14 to 16.


Here's the link: http://stlouisgolfexpo.com/


It doesn't open until 11 AM Friday... A couple of years ago, it opened at 10 AM: gave the early golfers a little extra time on the club testing line before the after-lunch mobs arrived.


So, would any of you Midwest 'Trappers want to meet Saturday evening somewhere in the area? Last time some of us tried to meet for lunch Friday, and later for dinner, but it seems most 'Trappers went on Saturday.

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I will probably go on Friday anyway but if we can arrange a meet on Saturday (or any of the days really), I'm in for that too!  :banana: Hopefully we can get more folks together this time around.    B-) 

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Bumping this for St. Louisans to see..   With the winter we are having, its likely we aren't going to be playing golf, so this is the maybe the next best thing...    Hope some more folks are going..

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I live in Western KY but will likely try to make it to the expo on Saturday.

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I've been to this event for several years straight now. Not going back. Over time, especially the past three years or so, it has gone steadily and steeply down hill in terms of quality and quantity of vendors. However, if you want to register for dozens of resorts and hotels this is the place to go, otherwise, save your time and money.

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This year the show opens at 11 AM Friday. Last year it opened at Noon.


A couple of years ago it opened at 10 AM, which was great for the intensive club-testers like me. With a lighter early crowd you could try several items and take notes. A noon opening starts with a giant herd of people all at once, doesn't provide the best flow into the club-testing area.


As for TST gatherings: In a couple of weeks, I'll do a poll on possible meeting times/places for the TST crowd.

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Bump..   Is anyone else planning to go and if so, when?   My wife and I are going to go on Friday for sure but since the tickets this year are good for the whole weekend, I am definitely game to comeback if there is a TST gathering on one of the other days.

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Dinner Saturday evening? Post-expo traffic last year suggested a Saturday meet-up might work out.


Last year it was Friday evening - I had a great supper with teamroper and his wife at the convention center, but one else showed.


I have made tentative dinner reservations for The Sand Trap group at 6 PM Saturday in the Cyprus Grille at the Convention Center hotel.

If you are coming, please let me know by reply so I can give the Grille a headcount on how large a table we need.


My wife Shirley will be coming with me this year. She took a golf clinic last summer, and is getting back into the game after "one round a year" for the last few seasons.


Hope to see several of you there!

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My wife and I will be there!

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Originally Posted by teamroper60 View Post

My wife and I will be there!




Last year I made a list of TST members in the St. Louis area. I sent them a PM with the message on time and place. Others can join in, if you want. 

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My wife and I will go to Golf Expo for Saturday. Hope to see some of you there.

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We'll see you this evening. I hope some other ' trappers will come to dinner even if they don't attend the expo..
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How is the expo this year?
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Seemed to draw a good crowd. My wife Shirley and I drove in from Illinois side as a day trip. We arrived a little after 11 a.m.


I had looked at a hotel reservation  about 10 days ago, and the only thing left were a couple of $700 a night suites. Turns out the Convention Center was also hosting a dance team competition for middle school girls. We had to drive around the Convention Center 1.5 times to find a parking space.


Anyway, plenty of people visited the main hall during the afternoon. In certain areas like the club testing line, it was almost shoulder to shoulder. Areas of interest:


  • Merchandise: The "garage sale" of used clubs at one end of the hall had lots of people, but the selection wasn't as good as the past. Quite a few recent woods and drivers from TM and Callaway. Remaining mainline OEM stuff was quite a few years old for the most part; most wedges at least three years old, most of which were used. Goof variety of newer second- and third-tier clubs. For golf shoes lots of men's Footjoys for well under $100. In women's golf shoes, several shelves of the spikeless, riffle sole shoes. // Sponsor ProAm Golf had their usual in-hall golf shop. Good variety of items + friendly staff. 
  • Presenters: Wash U featured physical therapist and trainer Christine Meier. She had a med-school grade plastic model of the human spine, and showed the flex points and stress points as she showed how the vertebrae torque during a golf swing. She also compared the Classic golf swing (lots of hip pivot and arm firing) with the newer X-Factor golf swing (more focus on shoulder rotation, minimize hip turn on backswing).Others in play:
    • Golf events guru David Brinker
    • Other presenters from Washington University Orthopedics
    • Swing-the-club philosophy from Ed LeBeau of Heartland Gold Schools
    • Norwood Hills golf pro Jo D. Armstrong on putting
  • Food: You could grab lunch in the mosh-pit snack bar along the back wall, have some really good brisket out in the very chilly hallway, or eat at the nice -but somewhat pricey - Cyprus Grille.
  • Exhibitors: the usual group.
  • Club Testing Line: All the big players were there. Some tidbits.
    • Bridgestone was hawking their revised line of balls. Some TST volunteers did emergency testing in January.
    • For women, Callaway offers the 14-piece Solaire women's set in petite - for women 5-foot-2 and under. And, the set can be fitted and the shafts trimmed even shorter in need be (up to 2"). People should realize that shorter women - my wife is 4-foot-10 - have hard time finding clubs without going into children's clubs, most of which are too short.
    • In April, Cleveland will have a price cut in its 588 family of golf irons.
    • Caution on irons with lightweight shafts. Certain iron models have lengthened shafts to increase distance and keep swingweight up. This could be 1/2" or more by the time you get down to 6i. If you're spraying a lightweight shaft, go with a face decal and see where you're hitting it. It your shots are scattered around the clubface, the shaft may be a too long for you. (Or, if you haven't hit a golf ball since Oct. 15, your swing may be out of groove.) 
    • I've been testing out some possible new irons, but that could fill up a post on its own. 
  • Sand Trap Dinner: teamroper60 and his wife joined Shirley and me at the Cypress Grille for supper. I had reserved a table for 8, hoping others might show up, but none did. So they moved us to a smaller table.


Next year I will probably do Friday, spend the night, and go back Saturday. If you want to test our some clubs and see other things, one day isn't enough.


If you can arrive Friday mornings, there's less of a crowd at the club testing line. About 1 PM the surge starts to arrive.

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Originally Posted by WUTiger View Post
  • Sand Trap Dinner: teamroper60 and his wife joined Shirley and me at the Cypress Grille for supper. I had reserved a table for 8, hoping others might show up, but none did. So they moved us to a smaller table.


It was good to see you again and to meet your wife!  


My wife and I went on Friday and spent the whole day, then came back yesterday afternoon.    We enjoyed both days.  


Earlier in this thread, somebody said the quality and quantity of vendors had dropped over the years.   This was my third year to attend and as far as vendors go, all three years have been nearly identical and in terms of quantity, I am not sure just where you would put any more as there wouldn't have been any room to walk around.

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