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Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post

I never paid much attention to Micah's reincarnation but just out of curiosity, what caused the flame out this time?


Your guess is as good as anyone else's.

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I think these people say either one of two things when they start a new name, "I am going to get these dumbasses stirred up this time" or "This time I will be nice and try to get along."


Then the batsh!t ensues....

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You can't fix stupid.  Micah, Purple Drank is a troll who wants to fit in but just doesn't know how.  His last post is a true refection of the person he really is, his non-troll posts were just him posing as a decent person.  

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I dont care if he wants to be a jerk but dont make Hawks fans look bad... Well I wish I hadnt found this post... I still want to know about that headcover though...

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