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Played St. Andrews Old Course. Both Amazing and Disappointing. - Page 2

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Thanks for sharing, is on my and my sons list, we hope for his HS Graduation.

What an experience!

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Originally Posted by iacas View Post


Yes, but I'm a dick that's birdied the Road Hole every time he's played it. :-D

Exactly. We are both one under par, lifetime, on the Road Hole. Not too many people can say that.

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Originally Posted by Foursum Golf View Post

The Old Course is definitely a bucket list course for me. I know I'll play nicer courses, but I won't play a more special course than St. Andrew's.




I think that's a pretty fair comment. Were it not for history would the course really be hosting Open Championships? There is a body of opinion that it isn't even the best course in Fife. Kingsbarns is often put up ahead of it. I think there's a bit of reverse one downmanship at play though. It's not unusual for overseas visitors to be wowed by the Old Course, and I personally feel Scots take a little bit of pleasure in down playing it in sort of matter of fact way. It tends to be visitors who speak most affectionately about it, but I've always been prepared to give St Andrews credit for being accessible (ancient traditions of common ownership). Of all the Open venues St Andrews is probably the most compassionate on the scorecard, (Hoylake is the other) and is always vulnerable to a low score. There are moves afoot to toughen it up of course which are proving controversial, but this move will happen


I think the thread starter who mentioned Turnberry and Troon as being superior is probably close to a consensus view, but the thread does qualify that later with the distinctions between history and golf. The other course that you never hear a bad word said about is Royal Dornoch. The romantic in me would love to see them given an Open. Could it happen? Well its remote, and the hotel infrasturcture comparatively low. There's an enhanced weather risk too at that latitude but isn't that part of the challenge?


Inverness is a fast growing 'city' the road network is still far from ideal but the possibility isn't as far fetched as it might have been just 20 years ago. Castle Stuart has recently been hosting the Scottish Open with great success (moves to Royal Aberdeen this year) but Castle Stuart would rely on the same hotel infrastructure as Dornoch. OK the Open is much bigger by way of galleries, media, and players, but the general view is that Castle Stuart has done a very good job (its returning there after Aberdeen) and that the infrastructure held up


Now if they take an Open to Dornoch be prepared to see a true spectacle burst onto the scene. You'll enjoy watching this one! Tom Watson described it as "the most fun I've ever had on a golf course". I hope it happens, but realistically it isn't going to any time soon

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