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I have been hearing that a nearly straight right leg is really a better base than lots of flex am I right?]


Well don't go too crazy, I think taking some flex out will help but nearly straight can be just as bad as too much flex.

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Just looked at this and realized my posture now is actually better than what I did before, I was way more like Adam Scott in my 20's. Just been with a club and mirror and can feel the difference with what you mean and it makes me feel like I'm in a better position.

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Well it's been a few months since last posting in this thread but in that time frame I think I have managed to make my feet flared out more part of my setup now, also now more than ever I'm starting to really see how my swing falters when my hips stall from no foot roll, my ball striking has improved in the quality of the contact probably 25% accuracy is about the same but consistency in contact has improved I'm really trying to narrow down my miss to a straight push instead of a straight hook. I want to get a tripod and make some new videos I really like the way I'm swinging now versus a month ago, I'm understanding why I'm hooking the driver more and more and it's helping me stop it.

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That sounds really promising; can't wait to see some video!
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