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I have been hearing that a nearly straight right leg is really a better base than lots of flex am I right?]


Well don't go too crazy, I think taking some flex out will help but nearly straight can be just as bad as too much flex.

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Just looked at this and realized my posture now is actually better than what I did before, I was way more like Adam Scott in my 20's. Just been with a club and mirror and can feel the difference with what you mean and it makes me feel like I'm in a better position.

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Well it's been a few months since last posting in this thread but in that time frame I think I have managed to make my feet flared out more part of my setup now, also now more than ever I'm starting to really see how my swing falters when my hips stall from no foot roll, my ball striking has improved in the quality of the contact probably 25% accuracy is about the same but consistency in contact has improved I'm really trying to narrow down my miss to a straight push instead of a straight hook. I want to get a tripod and make some new videos I really like the way I'm swinging now versus a month ago, I'm understanding why I'm hooking the driver more and more and it's helping me stop it.

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That sounds really promising; can't wait to see some video!
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Well I have a tripod now a cheap one but I think it will do for now, I'll try and get some video tonight.

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Ok here is my swings from tonight, I started with a G wedge at 50* then moved down to 8 iron and then 6 iron, I would have had more videos but my camera ran out of memory and I wasn't ready to delete some of the pictures and videos in it. The tripod worked really well so I'm excited to get some more videos on this swing page soon, next ones will be face on.


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Man I see it already @mvmac is going to tell me to watch that weight too far back on my feet, it is a little better than before and I do flare my feet now but it did take a while but change takes time, I'll have to say I like my tempo with the 6 iron swings pretty well I really think I'm doing it better with that now. I haven't been scoring real well lately but I think I'm getting close to a break through when everything comes together and it all just falls in place. For some odd reason this video took an inordinate amount of time to download I know it's like 5 minutes long but it took over an hour to load. I have another video with a 4 hybrid and a couple driver swings but there is someone talking rather loud and including some language not suitable for young ears so if I get it on here be sure to turn the volume down, also I had about 8 driver swings but the camera ran out of memory and I was hooking the ball those first few the last ones were hit real nice down the middle, I'll try to download it anyways but if it's real slow like this one then maybe i'll do it tomorrow instead.

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I hope this comes through once the download is complete, I'm going to bed. Anyways this is a 4 hybrid and then a few driver swings, I didn't get any real good swings off with the driver until the memory ran out on the camera but @mvmac might be able to see what's causing it more easy this way also so probably a good thing, the hooks that is.


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Yes agree with what you saw at set-up. Need to feel more weight on your toes because you do tend to sit back in your heels. This can make it harder to turn your hips. You can see how little they're turned in the left pic and this causes you to "stand up" on the downswing. Can become tough to control the sweetspot. Seems like some of those hooks are toe shots.



I would make sure the weight is more balanced with the feet and check this thread out. Also try to post a face on swing if possible.


 How to Make a Centered Hip Turn 

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Thanks Mike, I'm going to try and get out and shoot some more video today including a face on just have to open up some memory on the camera is all. I think I squat a little too much in order to get my lower body more engaged in the swing than it has to be. Over time I'll see if I can get a little more upright posture with my setup. Now that I'm fairly trained to flare my feet I'm going to start integrating more ankle roll in my follow through.

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Okay here is a new video, I tried something to get my weight more forward and that was stand more upright while setting up and then just give enough bend at the knees and hips to get the club to reach the ball, like I said I'm just experimenting with this but I need to get used to setting up more like this.



Once again I recorded more than this but the memory in the camera got used up.

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Couple more things I would like to see improve. Overall you have a pretty good swing.


- Widen the stance about an inch on each side.

- Turn the right foot out more.


- Turn the hips and torso more and earlier. I would rehearse getting to A3 (left arm parallel to the ground) and stopping, trying to get as much turn as your can, try to get it to 90. Then hit some shots at 60-70% speed with the same feel. Film yourself doing it.


The right foot being turned out will help. 

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