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Breaking Taylormade Clubs

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I have been playing golf for about 9 months, and almost right away, I bought new Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons and Burner Superfast Hybrids / 3 Wood / Driver.  I really like the clubs and have been able to pick up the sport quickly, but I have already broken two clubs!  This seems pretty soon for them to give out, and I am trying to figure out what the issue is.  The clubs that have broken are the 3 Wood (Graphite, Stiff) and the PW (Steel, Regular).  Both snapped at the base of the shaft where it attaches to the club.  As I was learning to hit consistently, I generally used those two clubs the most at the range.  Especially with the pitching wedge, I had some shots when I caught the mat very fat or hit the ball on the heel near the shaft.  However, both clubs broke during what felt like an immaculate hit (i.e. it's not that I hit the ground at high speed, but instead both hits struck the ball cleanly at or very close to the sweet spot).


My questions are as follows: (i) Is it normal to break clubs that are this new and are stored indoors? (ii) My swing speed has improved dramatically during the past 9 months to the point that I naturally swing the club very quickly.  My shafts are regular stiffness.  Could this be the issue? (iii) Is there some type of maintenance or care that I'm neglecting?


I'd like to buy a new set with stiffer shafts in the next 6 months or so, but I want to figure out why I keep breaking clubs before I open my wallet again.


Thanks in advance for your insight.

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I would have taken the clubs back for warranty, unless you hit the matt/turf so hard as to cause the breakage. No it's not normal for clubs to break that fast, unless it's your fault.


My Son has had his TM clubs for 3 yrs, and no problems.

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In my experience, a club that breaks right where the shaft inserts into the head would be replaced with new from your retailer no questions asked.  Years ago, Callaway had issues with their shafts on the Big Bertha model woods.  I broke my driver and 4-wood.  Both were replaced without question.


I'm sure your retailer will do the same for you with your Taylormade gear.  Broken shafts happen.



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Never had a club break in my life. I am curious if club breaking near the tip is a problem with the newer lighter golf shafts. The whole drive for distance, you are getting 50 grams golf shafts.

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When I first started playing I bought some of those plastic tubes to go in the bag to keep the clubs separated. After some time I noticed that the driver shaft had a worn spot right where it rested against the plastic. It would have only been a matter of time until it broke.


Needless to say I pulled those tubes out of the bag and have never used them since.


My son had a driver shaft break off right where it went in the club head but it was a used club and could have had a defect or damage that we didn't know about.


P.S. I've used Tailormade clubs for about 7 years and have hit more than my fair share of fat shots, and have even hit quite a few tree roots, but have never had a club break.

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