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sounds like I should buy some of that impact tape, and put on the face It the driver?

and go to the range again, even if it's indoor range. It seems like I really gotta get my driver swing fixed, preferrably with a pro lesson.

I've never had pro lession for driver only, so yeah. (or I should say, never had a pro lession focused on driver only really the iron swing so far)

For driver swing, two problems that I may have so far identified: I don't trust the club to carry the ball with driver yet, (sounds weird when you say it...), and I sometimes get out-of-synch during the actual swing (I realize it in my brain too!, during the swing, but it's too late, the stroke has begun and will be recorded LOL)

I think there was a golf simulator there as well, so I might be able to try to see some of those driver shots where they land. (I guess, the simulator doesn't account for slices/hooks though, if they happen?)

Or are the golf simulators so advanced these days?

If you can't get impact tape, painters masking tape works. Just stick it on lightly. It's cheap and easy.

Usually, balls mark the surface too. I wipe the front of the club most every shot.