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1. Hit more consistent shots.


2. Play smarter.


3. Consistently shoot in the 80's.

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Just a couple for me...


1. Lower index to a single digit

2. Play in some tournaments (haven't played any since high school)

3. Practice more efficiently, maybe get one of them "Stupid Monkey" badges

4. Track all rounds/stats (I say this every year, but I really mean it this time)

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About 8 years ago I had an index of 12.X.  But seems if after a couple knee surgeries and some other things I have let it slip (is about 20 right now) by not spending the $ or time to keep my performance up. So I signed up for a series of lessons and am going to attempt to return to the an index of 12.x or better.  That is the goal for 2014, an index <13.0.  I've only had 3 lessons so far but can see the difference in the videos and the numbers and believe I''m going in the correct direction.  A good thing to have confidence in your instructor.  

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This thread has prompted me to update my objectives :)

Objectivesfor 2013:
1. First official handicap - achieved and now at the lofty heights of 24.9
2. Round with two 3 putts - achieved 12/5
3. Four FIRs and GIRs, achieved 12/3
4. No lost balls in a round - achieved 19/5
5. Six 1 putts - achieved 12/10 at my clubs annual Masters competition (I came 11th).
6. Score under 100 - achieved 17/8
7. Enter first competition - achieved 6/4 (with a massive medal score of 116!)
8. Under 40 putts per round - achieved 30/3
9. Round with no quadruple bogies - achieved 27/10
10. First handicap drop - achieved 18/8
11. First chip in - achieved 20/5

Objectives for 2014
1. Handicap under 20
2. Score under 90
3. 5 FIRs and GIRs - achieved 20/10
4. Under 30 putts
5. First Eagle
6. Develop and reliable and consistent swing.
7. No three putts in a round

Objectives for when Hell freezes over
1. handicap uner 10
2. Round at even par.
3. Hole in one.
4. Win my first tournament - achieved....TWICE! :)


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1. Play 150+ rounds (175 rounds 2013)
2. Index below 2.0 (low was 2.5) and keep for several updates
3. Break 70 (71 was low last year) 

4. Turn 50 in 2014 - so win both Club and Senior Club Championship (finished 4th in Club Championship in 2013)

5. Win Couples Championship

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1. Play more golf

2. Get better

3. Have more fun

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Become more proficient with keys 1 thru 3. 

Improve putting and short game

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1. break 80

2. add 10+ yards to driver

3. walk more

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Get index below 3


Improve overall putting


Play at least 5 new courses (for me starting with poppy hills)


Learn to control emotions better on course (too much peaks and valleys)


Get daughter back into this game (her choice of course)


Driver fitting


Trackman session


Refinish clubs


Possibly new shafts for irons.


New shoes (Eccos or Addidas)

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1. Become far more consistent:
~ Hit more GIRs. Must improve this in order to lower my scores.
~ Reduce 3 putts - likely can't eliminate them, but limit to 1 per round.
~ Consistently play without making the dreaded "triple or worse" blow up hole.

2. Take more lessons to help achieve goal of improving consistency.

3. Reduce handicap to a 12.

4. Have fun doing it.
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1. Break 100

2. Get an official handicap

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Trying to keep it fairly simple this year:


1. Be a consistent 95 - 105 scorer.

2. Break 100 at my "unicorn" course.

3. Enter the local city tournament and not finish last.

4. Get an official handicap.

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1. Post 3 tournament rounds of even par or better. (2 par tourney rounds last year)

2. Post at least 1 tournament round under par. (0 under par tourney rounds last year)

3. Upgrade irons including club fitting- (I know this one will get accomplished :dance:)

4. Improve putting in general, specifically the 8-15 ft range.

5. Improve bunker play.

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I've been taking some time to think about my goals this year.  I didn't post any in 2013 because I wasn't really sure how much I'd get to play... but I know that 2014 will be a golf-filled year... at least for the first half of the year.  So... my goals are below:


1. Win a tournament.  I've spent 4 of the last 6 years entering tournaments, both by signing up for county tournaments and by joining clubs.  All of them have been either full handicap or have used flights.  Over that time, I have come close... but never won a tournament.  I did post the lowest score in one tournament back in 2010, but because of club rules (I had to post 3 rounds with the club first, and this was my 3rd round with them)... I was not eligible to win that one.  I finished second in a match play club championship a few years back, also.  So... my plan is to enter and play in approximately 10-15 tournaments this year... hopefully at least ONE of them will yield a win.


2. Finally finish a round with less than 30 putts.  I've had this same goal now for a few years.  I just can't seem to put a round like that together.  I think the lowest I've ever had was 31 putts in a round.  I will have a lot of practice time early on in 2014... I plan to spend a lot of that time on my putting.


3. Reduce my handicap to below a 14.0 level.  A few years back, I started at around a 23.0 handicap.  I said then that I really wanted to get it lower.  By the end of that year... I was down to a 16.7 handicap.  The following year, I played only until July... then I got a new job that took away a lot of my time for golf.  In 2012, I barely played at all... playing 2 full rounds, a scramble and a pair of 9 hole rounds.  Last season, my handicap steadily went up... and I finished at 18.1 for the year.  I want it to be a great year for me.  To do that, I need to lower my handicap pretty significantly.


4. Become a better driver of the golf ball.  I waste so many shots recovering from poor drives.  I've spent the last few years working on becoming a little more consistent... but I'd like to hit at least 50% of fairways.  Right now, over my last 20 rounds, I've hit 39.43% of fairways.  There's about a 20% difference in hitting a green in regulation for me when I'm on the fairway over when I've missed the fairway.  This will immediately improve my scoring.


Beyond that... my primary goal is to have fun.  I love this game.  It's shaping up to be a very good year for me... I hope to take advantage of my move down south.


Until the 2014 recap...



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1. Break 90
2. Handicap index 20 or better
3. Consistently (at least 1x per month) upload a video to evolvr (by which I also mean that I have done the work to make a new video worth uploading).
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1. Break 90...and if I break 90 in the spring...hit in the 80's consistently by winter time. 

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Here are some good ones for me:

1. Get clubs fit

2. Establish official handicap

3. Hit fairways 50% in one round

4. Card one round with no 3-putts

5. Compete in first tournament


And, if any of those seemed too easy ....


6. Not swear audibly.

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1.  Ambitious but get to HI of 1.


2. Finish a tournament round.

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