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Quit posting stupid questions when all I have to do is read existing threads and watch ST instructional videos.


That, and shoot more rounds in the 90's.

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1. Keep strengthening my lower back 

2. Play more Golf

3. Play more Tournaments

4. Get my HI down to single digits

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I like hard numbers to focus on.


1. Single Digits (At 11.8 now, got as low as 10.6 earlier this year).

2. GIR 38% (currently 32%, but 34% since June)

3. PPH 1.8; PPGIR 1.99 (currently 1.89 and 2.12, this is asking a lot)

4. FIR 45% 



Looking at the 2012 and 2013 goals, these are pretty much the same goals that I've had for two years.  But that's more due to having more realistic expectations than stagnation in my game as I've dropped about 5 strokes over that time.

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1. Break 100 over 18 holes

2. Break 45 over 9 holes

3. Par every hole at least once on my home course. (Just started playing but already got 5 down and 13 to go after only 4 rounds)

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1) Learn to become a halfway decent ball striker.

2) Improve on my 7.29% GIR and get it to 20%

3) Lower the amount of holes that I score triple bogey or worse.  Averaged 7.59 holes per round with a triple bogey or worse this year.

4) Consistently shoot in the 90's.

5) Score somewhere in the 80's at least once.

6) Learn to hit out of the bunker and not be afraid of it.

7) Improve on my 2.07 putts per hole.  Would like to get it to 1.75

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I want to lower my average score by 6-8 strokes. It's that simple and I believe attainable. Obviously, I intend to practice more often and have a lesson once every quarter. I don't actually practice and was able to reach my goal for 2013, so this is a realistic goal IMHO.

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My Goal for 2014: Get back to game; couldn't do much due to getting marry and dislocate shoulder....ouch!! 

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Really my goal is always the same.  Keep playing better golf, with evidence in a lowering handicap!


In pursuit of that goal, what I specifically want to improve on this year is club face control.  For the longest time could only play hoping to hit it straight or a with a baby fade, often hit pushes, push-fades, or slices.  I decided I'd plateaued accepting that as my game and forced myself to start learning to draw the ball.  Been slowly learning the club face control required to really control the ball and it feels very promising, lots of stretches of shots with a baby to strong draw on target that feels in control.  But those are currently usually countered scoring wise over the whole round with some huge pushes, overly strong draws, and nasty snap hooks, with a few huge digs thrown in for good measure.  Main goal for 2014 is to continue to improve consistency playing a moderate draw.


In the spirit of measurable goals, I'd say I'd like to hit in the 70s 12 times this year.  I had 4 sub-80 rounds last year.

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Similar to last year, and similar to @mdl in that my main goals are to keep getting better and keep lowering that handicap.  But for fun and to give myself something concrete to look back at in a year, let's say:


1.  Get my handicap index back under 7, with the ultimate end of season goal of getting it under 6.

2.  Win another tournament, perhaps even 2. :)

3.  Keep playing and practicing as much as time, and my back, will allow.

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1) fully recover wrist 

2) continue to improve ball striking

3) walk 18 at least once a week

4) take two regional golf getaways

5) get a fitted set of hybrid-irons

6) teach my son to golf (and keep up)

7) stick with conditioning at least three times a week

8) get better at golf

9) keep my job

10) stay married

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I just got into golf this past August, in the midst of graduate school. As such, my goals are as follows:

1: Play 2 rounds per month minimum
2: Break 100 consistently
3: Break 90 at least once
4: Get an official handicap
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1 - Break 90

2 - Fix my slice with the driver (goes hand in hand with 1 lol) 

3 - More consistent from 100 yards and in

4 - More consistent around the green (chipping / pitching)

5 - Improve putting

6 - Purchase a new putter that suits me (have already been fitted for a putter so that is half the battle!)

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My Goals:

1. Win at least one tournament on the GC Am Tour

2. Eliminate Handicap

3. Attend PGA event

4. Build confidence in game

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For the year 2014 , my goals are :


Play at least 50 rounds for the year

Average less than 30 putts / round

Average more than 10 GIR / round

Average driver distance 225 yds

Reduce handicap to less than 10

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Consistently shoot in the mid-90s. In order to do that, I'll have to do the following:


1. Reduce the blow-up holes. These completely kill my scorecard. I need to play more conservative when I hit a bad tee shot. Need to learn to just chip back onto the fairway instead of trying to hit that great saving shot, which usually ends up being another terrible shot....


2. Fix my hook at the beginning of rounds. I tend to hook the ball the first 3-4 holes until I settle down and get my swing under control. On certain courses I play, hooking the ball the first few holes is a killer.


3. And most important, buy a few lessons from a pro to work on my swing. I'm sure that will help greatly with #1 and #2.

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2014 Goals


1. Full recovery from my golf-related back injury in 2012

2. Consistency off the tee (currently 1-3 OB shots a round, killing me)

3. Make my wedges be the club I practice the most in my bag

4. Score in the Low-Mid 80's (currently mid-high 80's)

5. Shoot 79

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1 Not to spend over $1,000 on equipment, balls  & such

2 spend less per round ...but play twice as much (no alcohol, golf towels, logo balls, etc)

3 Get my drive back above 250, and keep it fair

4 Lower my record scores at previous played clubs/courses

5 Lower my handicap  8 - 10 points


     First goal is  do-able, but I've already spent $35 to get my USGA membership renewed. The second is do-able but tricky. With Pro shop trinkets and that beer cart roaming around, I doubled the cost of a few rounds last year. Third will take some work... 4 & 5 are always ongoing goals of mine,  I failed this past year to lower either, I actually started out going up...as  usual and barely made the cut by year's end to stay at >18 HDCP  ....as I would extend to you...hope all meet or exceed their goals..

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-Go from consistently shooting low 80s to consistently shooting in the 70s.
-not lose temper
-play every day
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