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My goals for 2014 are minimal as they are every year.   This year maybe even more so.....


First and foremost........have fun and enjoy the game!

2nd...play as much as possible!  I normally play 100+ rounds every year, but I don't know if I can in 2014.  I suppose I'd be OK with around 80.

3rd....try to not get much worse!!  I'll be very happy to keep my index in the 1's or low 2's. If I can end the year with an index below 3.....I will be content.  If it's in the 3's....I'll be mildly disappointed, but won't lose any sleep over it.  If it's 4 or higher...I may need to find something other than myself to blame.    If it's in the 5's or higher, I'll be looking up to see if the sky is falling.  LOL

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Having not played up until last month, for 10 years, my goal for 2014 is to get somewhere around a 10 HC. I don't have the flexibility I had when I stopped playing, so we shall see.


Also to have more Fun playing, and keep my emotions in check..I use to be somewhat of a hot head..lol


Work hard on improving my game and course management. 

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   I really haven't ever set up long term goals and have been more of a short term goal person but this thread has me thinking. I always aspire to shoot for moon so golf should be no different. 


 Backstory. I've been a 4-12 handicapper since I took the game up when I was in college. best score 71 and on 99% of days I couldn't shoot below 75 or above 85.  Last year got a lesson and things just clicked and I went to a 0.6 index and currently sit at 2.4 though I haven't played in 2 months due to weather/travel/injuries.


 Goal 1: Join amateur league and play more tournaments


 Goal 2: Put in a ton of time at range (Maybe practiced 10 times in 20 yrs & have just always played)


 Goal 3: Enjoy my time playing and try not to be too hard on myself when I don't play like I want to


 Goal 4: Get in better physical shape (Want to get to 255, Im 6'6 300 now)



 Ultimate Goal:  Qualify for Us Mid Am

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I'm looking more forward to golf this year than any year in the last four. I've been making my best effort of getting all swing mechanics "crapolla" (many of which were completely contradictory) built up over the years completely out of my head.


I also think I have my clubs closer to being right for me than they've ever been before.


I have been hesitant to have any goals for the last 4 years when I was a club member and played and practiced every single day. Just didn't want to set a goal lower than I could have achieved at that time and had no confidence that I could play better than I did at that time.


For the first time since then I actually think I can play better than that so here goes:


1. Shoot some rounds under the course rating. (Which I've yet to ever do).


2. Have no rounds in the 80s. (Way out on a limb with that one). :-O


3. Become a regular team captain in our choose up games, and deserve it. (That means playing 3 or 4 strokes better than I did last year).

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- Fix my slice with my driver/woods/hybrids.

- Gain consistency throughout my game.

- Ball control on the green (I want to be able to pin it close to the pin more often than not)

- Shoot low 80's, then into the 70's.

- Meet people my age that enjoy golf and to just play more.

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Since I didn't play golf once last year due to work and family things, might not have even hit the driving range, this should be fairly simple:

1. Play more than in 2013, hopefully weekly or at least every other week once the courses open. I'm in Wisconsin.

2. Hit the driving range or at least chip a bucket of balls elsewhere at least weekly if not more often.

3. Re-establish being able to hit the driver and other woods.

4. Keep out of the woods and trees with my drives as much as possible.

That's enough to get me re-started.
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Objectivesfor 2013:
1. First official handicap - achieved and now at the lofty heights of 24.9
2. Round with two 3 putts - achieved 12/5/13
3. Four FIRs and GIRs, achieved 12/3/13
4. No lost balls in a round - achieved 19/5/13
5. Six 1 putts - achieved 12/10/13 at my clubs annual Masters competition (I came 11th).
6. Score under 100 - achieved 17/8/13
7. Enter first competition - achieved 6/4/13 (with a massive medal score of 116!)
8. Under 40 putts per round - achieved 30/3/13
9. Round with no quadruple bogies - achieved 27/10/13
10. First handicap drop - achieved 18/8/13
11. First chip in - achieved 20/5/13

Objectives for 2014
1. Handicap under 20
2. Score under 90 - achieved 25/1/14 (87!)
3. 5 FIRs and GIRs
4. Under 30 putts

5. Round with no three putts - achieved 25/1/14
5. First Eagle
6. Develop and reliable and consistent swing.
7. No three putts in a round

Objectives for when Hell freezes over
1. handicap under 10

2. Score under 80
2. Round at even par
3. Hole in one
4. Win my first competition - achieved....TWICE...a week after each other! :)

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For 2014:

I want my handicap below 20
Record my first Eagle
Break 90 (My Last official round of 2013 I shot a 92)
Continue to work on my core strength to where I can play a pain free 36 holes over one weekend.
Less range time more course time even if it's just a few holes
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Originally Posted by Lihu View Post

This last month every round has seen vast improvements to my long game.


I hope to continue to improve my long game improvements with keys 1,2 and 3, and properly learn keys 4 and 5. Need drastic improvement on my short game. Will start to devote at least 35% to short game.


Plan to play more courses, hope to be able to play any of the courses in So. Cal. without losing more than 1 sleeve per round (felt good playing San Dimas Canyon and losing only 2 balls OB my first time playing). Get my official handicap by turning in cards for the last month along with new rounds with my hoped to be improved short game. Single digits? Who knows, but I know it will be a fun new year of golf for me.:-)



Amending this goal, because I think I can get more serious about real goals.


From the time of this last post and now, I have done quite bit. I made the last of any equipment changes which will not change until these goals are met. I have also setup a camera (30fps), so I can post more videos on my swing thread to get advice and comments.


My goals this year (possibly bleeding into the next, or more) are to:


1) Solidify my drives (straighter and less than 10% fades/slices (learn to draw), stay relaxed and develop the same feel)

Will work seriously on this the next month or two to the year end. Getting there, but I still have the fade when I get tired. Direction also is something I need to solidify through Keys 4 and 5 with the driver, but that might take another couple years or so.


2) Solidify all my irons up to 9i to at least 60% consistency in distance and direction (6 out of 10 shots within +/-5 yards on the course)

Working on keys 3 to 5 with the shorter irons.

Next month or two.


3) Start hitting 8i to 6i to at least 50% consistency (5 out of 10 shots within +/-10 yards on the course)

Working on keys 1 and 2 on the longer irons.

Starting in another 3 months till mid year, then maybe advance to keys 3 and 4?

5i and 4i are hoped to be for next year.


4) Start hitting 18 and 21 degree Hybrids to at least 50% consistency (5 out of 10 shots within +/-15 yards on the course)

Starting on keys 3 and 4 with the hybrids.

Starting in another 5 months till year end.


5) Learn to pitch and chip properly

Working on keys 3 to 5, and method of 12 (need to find an instructor for this?). Working on plowing through rough and Bermuda grass with a consistent stroke. Plan (maybe pushed to next year) to learn to compensate for rough depth.

Starting now, but figure it will take me a year or more to learn this properly.


6) Learn to use the 50 and 60 degree more effectively

Starting in another 4 months or so, will take a look after I get goal 2.


7) Start to learn Aimpoint for better putting

Starting next month.


In short, get to 2.25 keys with a commensurate short game. No handicap goals this year, since there is a lot to learn.

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- practice more efficiently
- join a league
- walk more and ride less
- no club changes this year (the bag is set!)
- get my hc to single digits. I know I'll get there if the wife sticks to her promise on giving me golf time 3 days a week
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Goals for 2014

-Break 90 at home course
-Handicap lowered to 15
-Score an eagle for first time
-Don't go higher than a bogie for 18 holes
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For 2014 I want to get my handicap down to 5.4 or lower.  Currently I'm 8.2.  June 2, 2014 will mark the two year anniversary of me first hitting a golf ball.  I've hit every goal I've set out so far (my goal for 2013 was to get to single digits and I did that with several months to spare), I'm hoping that this is not the time where I don't reach it although I know that at some point my improvement will slow down and plateau.


I'd really like to get it to 5.4 by sometime in June, although that may be hard to do, especially if the weather continues to suck.  If I can get it to 5.4 by June then I can play in the Maryland Mid-Amateur which is being held in August at my country club!

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My goal is simple i want to be below 1. And win my clubs championship and match play
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I want to most importantly have fun and enjoy the game.  I have been playing this game since I can remember, and I keep coming back to it because of there is nothing better than playing a round of golf with my dad who put a club in my hands all those years ago.


Short term Goals (Offseason/Range Sessions):


-Finish reading Golf is not a Game of Perfect and Ray Floyd's Scoring Book to get my mind ready for the season.

-On the range make sure that I practice with a purpose, and use my golf game plan to keep practice interesting and competitive

-This offseason I would like to fit for a set of Edel Wedges



Medium Term Goals:  


-Start a "My Swing Thread"

-Continue to workout, and more specifically work on a golf specific routine targeting my abs, glutes, and upper body strength

      -Read Joey D's book for golf ideas

-Take an Aimpoint Express Read Class


Long Term Goals (On Course Goals):


-Play in at least one Stroke Play event (Join an AM Tour?)

-Shoot one round of golf at Par or Better

-Have a string of rounds in the 70s (3 in a row)

-Use laser rangefinder to dial in distances

-create a yardage book for home course

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1 - Shoot in the 70s on a semi-regular basis (broke into the 70s the first time last Fall)

2 - Maintain a single digit HCP for the season

3 - Add another state to the bucket list

That's would be enough to keep me happy!
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My goals for this year are as follow;


- Get handicap down to 16 (Currently 21 but shooting quite a bit better than it, last 3 days stableford scores 37,39,42)

- Shoot a round under 80 (Best so far is 82 which i have shot twice, Par for Course is 69)

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- Handicap under 10 by August, and keep it there through all of September

- Play at least 4 rounds per month from May to September

- Submit at least 2 videos per month for evaluation and practice at least 5 hours per week specifically on the key points provided by the instructor

- Play in 1 competition event to see where I REALLY stand as a golfer (til now, just social and informal)

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1) win a high school tournament.
2) qualify for the state tourney
3) win a ajga tourney
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