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-5 under par, I was -5 on the front nine too! :(

Home course - Par 68

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66 on the home par 72 course. 


70 at Orange County National Orlando and again at The Westin Resort Course in San Antonio.

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I'm normally a mid 80's scoring guy. About a fortnight ago I played a pretty easy course in Royal Oak, Michigan and shot a 78 thru 18. It was nice. I don't expect to shoot 78's that often so when I do have a good round, its one of the best feelings I've ever had. 

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75 (+3) a few times but I'm optimistic I can shoot atleast one even par this summer.
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The other round I wanted to post about (forgot about it on the last post) was actually one of my least successful rounds (as far as score is concerned). I was playing at the Links at Montevallo and I had just started playing maybe three month earlier. Through the first 9 I was roughly 15 over par. I played HORRIBLE. I wasn't sure I wanted to play the back nine but I decided to do so anyway. When I reached the 10th hole, I took a few minutes to anaylsis my game. The entire time I had been thinking about what I was doing so much that I think I had lost my head. The 10th hole at the Links is a par 4 with a dog leg right. I took out my driver (which is a club I seldom use) and I took a few moments to just let the imagery sink in. The Links is beautiful and the 10th hole (outside of the 17th) is perhaps the prettiest hole on the entire course. Anyway, I took the shot and I avoid thinking about anything. I just let myself get caught in the beauty of the course and I hit a pretty good shot off the tee (I don't know how far it was). I ended up birdieing the 10th and scoring par on the next four holes. I followed up with 3 straight birdies and boogyied the last hole. Through the back nine I shot -3 under which was a complete reversal from the front nine. Overall, I scored 11 over par ( which for the course I think would have been an 83). Its not much of a score, but I think that back nine was the reason I continued to pursue the game.

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When I was in high school 30 years ago (plus a couple years)

1 - caviat that this is a disgustingly easy golf course.  9 hole par 34.  Shot a 33 and a 35.  so 68



2 - layout even easier course - we have a Par 32 here in the area - 33/(next game) - that'll be better than 68 most likely.


I don't count either one of those though.


lately - on what I'd consider a 'legit' golf course??? - last year shot a 77 (on a 72, 7000 yard course) - fun day.  great back nine.

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I shot a 1 over 71 a couple of years ago.  Last year, my best was a 2 over 74.  It's weird how the game just seems to come to you when you have rounds like that.  I don't specifically recall, but I'm guessing there's a good chance I followed up those rounds with an 84 or something...

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I don't think I've contributed to this thread yet.

I've shot 80 (+8) on 4 separate occasions now. One round at TPC Canyons Las Vegas. One at Caledonia and The Norman Course at Barefoot here in MB. Still looking for my first 79. I've shot 39 on the front side a couple times as well.
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lowest for 9 is a 38 at New York CC. Too bad the other 9 i shot a 52.


Lowest for 18 is an 85 twice in 2012. Once at one of the Bronx courses (split rock maybe)  and the other at Ocean City GC in Maryland...


The 85 in Maryland was kind of rare cuz I had no GIRs at all during the round.....

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75 @Duke par 72

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I shot an 81 at Palouse Ridge 2 yrs ago. (the Washington State University course)  funny thing is the day before i shot a 104 on the same exact course!!!   forgot to mention, my handicap at the time was a 26 and i got a net score in the mid 50s :)  needless to say my handicap dropped 4 points overnight lmao... 

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I shot 77 twice in my life, both in my mid-20s.


First time was on a par 70 layout in St. Louis area: I had a two-putt par the No. 1 HDCP hole, a 435-yd. par 4, and followed up with back-to-back birdies. On back 9 had a birdie, a couple of pars and a lot of bogies. Key of day: Broke my Wilson Staff driver during warm-up, and played with 2-wood off the tee that day.  Swapped out the Wilsons for stiffer shafted woods later that summer. Was one of the first rounds I played with my MacGregor MT irons, my first clubs with stiff shafts.


Shot 77 on par 71 layout in Reno, Nevada, in late February with rented clubs. The bag had Wilson Staff driver and woods, the same model I used when I shot 77 the first time. Had a great day of chipping - 7 iron worked great on firm but slow greens. Key shot: wedged in for birdie from 30 yards out on really long par 5.

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77 on a par 71.

Just recently broke 80 again after going 3 months shooting low 90's. This game is crazy.
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Shot a 71 on a par 72 last year (Rating 68.7/Slope 117).  It was very up and down as I had to card 8 birdies to shoot under par.  It was my first round under par for 18 holes in my lifetime.  I worked on my swing over the winter and am hoping to break par a few more times this year.  The start to the season has been good so far.

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so far this year my lowest score is an 87 on a par 72, Getting older and getting worse lol

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+2 73 on my home course. I expect to beat that record this year.f1_cool.gif

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About a month ago, I shot even par 73 at a fairly average course in my area (best ever). Two days later I carded a 3-over 75 at a much harder course (2nd best)... Was a great week for me. At that time I was about an 8 handicap. The last month as been going very well and my index is slowly dropping.

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89 on a par 64 course. Not great but it is my personel best and I had a 42 on the back 9.

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