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I give up. I have tried upgrading to a new"er" driver and failing miserably. I have been hitting a Speedline 9064 driver for over a year and tried stepping it up a bit with a Speedline Super LS. The white color doesn't bother me. But the slice does. 


I draw every club in my bag. All the way up to the 3 wood. The 9064 draws as well but I'm hitting 250-270 on the course. Not the range, but the course. I can crank it up at the range but i don't count that.


I tried switching over to newer technology to see if i could reach an extra 10 - 20 yards and should have listened to the swing monitor. I don't buy new. I generally pull things off the used racks for 50% of the price. I was reaching swing speeds of about 111. But everything was slicing to the right. I had to really mess with my swing to get it to go straight and then started duck hooking to the left. Tried different settings settings since it is adjustable. I just can't hit the thing. I have gone back to my 3 wood in multiple rounds since i keep loosing confidence in the thing. Been trying to get a swing path that i can count on with this club and have failed. This is costing my strokes and am about fed up with this club. 


The 9064 is from 2011. I have tried a bunch of drivers from last year with minimal gain in distance. Can't really speak for accuracy since i haven't been able to take them out on the course. I have hit the PING G25 that a friend uses with good success. Two drives on two separate Par 5's went 275+ measured with a GPS. Easy to hit so that might be my next choice later this year when the prices come down. 


Anyone have similar experiences with new drivers. They being designed for length and not accuracy? Maybe newer isn't always better...