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Last Season New Season

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Hi All


Been a while since I last posted on the forum.

First of all happy holidays to everyone and happy New Year.


Last season was a strange one for me; normally I start the season playing well and then hit a bad patch and finish the year off with some average golf.

Last season I started off badly, got worse. Finished second in one of the club competitions played badly again then in the pairs competitions I played really well but I think that was more down to me not wanting to let my partner down which forced me to play well, then finished badly.

I really struggled off the tee, I hit some shockers. So bad that I was afraid to use my driver on certain tee boxes. When I swung at 100% it stayed right and I mean a long way right. So I would play well within my swing which then got too lazy which meant I hit a low and left hook but when I hit a nice rhythm I was knocking it down the fairway but this was rare.


My friends think it’s the driver ( Callaway Razr Black X) which I switched to before the start of last season I was convinced it was me and not the club. But looking at it objectively my bad shots with my old driver (R5) never went as far right and I was able to swing at 100% and my other woods and Irons were fairly consistent.


Anyway now that I have bored you with the story of last season.

The real question is with the new season fast approaching I don’t want to switch drivers mid season so should I switch the driver now or should I stick with the driver and try and overcome the confidence issue I now have with it?  If it’s the first option any recommendations on a new driver?





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A better player can hit just about anything reasonably well. In golf, the equipment matters quite a bit, but the swing matters quite a bit more.


Your r5 was probably shorter and heavier. You can either learn to swing your new driver, or revert to your old one, but either way I recommend improving your swing to continue to improve.


And I'd probably learn how to hit the newer driver. If it's at all a decent fit for your swing speed, etc. it should go farther once you learn to swing it properly.

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