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The Pro V1x thing has always intimidated me because I'd heard you needed a million mile per hour swing speed to benefit from them ... compression and what not. I don't know if all that's true, but today they were on sale at the pro shop, so I bought a box and went golfing. With really good results. I shot lower than I normally do on that course--which has always vexed me, my accuracy was improved and--what I wasn't counting on--the feel of the ball was better ... it seemed like there was way more communication going on between the ball, the club and me. I really like these balls. 


I'm highly handicapped. Not a great golfer, so I don't know much. I've been playing with TM RBZ Urethanes and Srixion Q-Stars, so maybe all Tour Balls work like the Pro V1x, but I'm going to skip a few beers with the buds or something to keep affording these things. Seemed to work really well.