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2nd shot problems

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Hi im new here sorry if posted is in wrong place
I have been play golf for 6 months ish now my best round on the course is 101 and I hit mainly between 105 and 110 a round I have a great drive can hit in the range off 280 to 320 yards a hit and as straight as a arrow but my problems come with the 2nd shot 8,7,6,5 irons I hit a mass lump off turf and ball go about 20 yards have tryed moving my feet and half swing but dont feel comfortable half swing was just wondering if there is any thing else I can try
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Wild guess ... but if you're good off a tee but not off the ground chances are you probably don't get your weight forward at impact. Search this site for "5 simple keys." And, in particular, look at the stuff for key 2. Good luck.
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Ok thanks will have a look
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Just in case you didn't find the 5SK..here's a link for you.



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thanks for the link

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