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Well I really don't have a good reason for switching, other than my current set is just beat up and worn out. Frankly last year was the best iron play I've had in my career. That's why I'm wondering if I'm crazy for wanting to switch now, but I keep telling myself that it was my swing and hours of practice that yielded the good results, not the irons. Accompany a great year last year with a $1,000+ price tag and then I really begin to wonder what I'm thinking, but I've made up my mind that I'm treating myself to new irons this year so damnit, I'm doing it!
I have the MP-64's and they're worth every penny. Mizuno is notorious for producing irons that can last forever, and you never feel the need to change them. I think I'll be playing the 64's 10+ years from now. Also, leaving out the 3 iron (I use a 3-Hybrid instead) saves you over $100 on the set.